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The Devilís Brigade - The 1st Special Service Force
The Devil’s Brigade
The 1st Special Service Force
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126 pages; 13 chapters and 2 appendixes
The Devil’s Brigade is about one of the best combat units ever fielded by the USA. It
certainly had the best combat commander in the US Army. But since he led from up front,
being wounded 9 times in the process, General Frederick was not honored because of
typical US Army jealously within the General’s ranks. All of
the Devils Brigade’s (1st
Special Service Force) operations and other important information is elaborated in
Devil’s Brigade
e-book, with numerous maps and photographs. If you are curious about
a little know US Army commando brigade in World War II, you should read
The Devil’s
Review Table of Contents
"…the Devil’s Brigade Mountain Combat Protocol insisted that movement to seize peaks take place as high up on the
connecting ridges as possible without creating silhouettes on the skyline. Crests might be occupied temporarily in the
defense, but over the long term, the reverse slopes were considered safer from enemy fires and observation. Hidden
observation posts on the forward slope would then provide early warning to the reverse-slope defenders. In the attack,
and even after a specific objective was taken, the Force found that it often received hostile fire from adjacent peaks and
ridges. As a result, the Force carefully selected its routes of march and moved in the dark (including supply and
evacuation) to avoid observation. Moreover, since mines were often laid in obvious tracks (particularly in draws and along
ridgelines), mine detectors had to be employed forward, and well-worn trails went unused until cleared."
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Excerpt from The Devil’s Brigade
The Devilís Brigade - The 1st Special Service Force