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Special Operations Direct Action Task Forces
Direct Action
Special Operations Task Forces
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226 pages; 18 chapters and 5 appendixes
Just after 9-11, US Special Operations troops were organized into
Joint Task Forces for direct action
against national enemies. Such
Special Forces direct action task forces were special forces units
composed of
US Army Special Forces, Delta Force, US Navy Seals, CIA
Paramilitary, USAF Specialists and/or
US Army Rangers. However, the
most effective Special Operations task forces, such as Task Force
, were those dominated by US Army Special Forces soldiers.
Direct Action is the story of America’s Special Operations Task Forces
fighting the war on terror with direct action.
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“The leftist Los Angeles Times initiated an immediate assault on General Boykin. The scurrilous propaganda rag reported
that General Boykin, a Christian and therefore suspect in media eyes, while giving Sunday-morning talks in uniform to
church groups that had repeatedly equated the Muslim world with Satan. According to the paper, Boykin told a
congregation in Oregon that “Satan wants to destroy this nation, he wants to destroy us as a nation, and he wants to
destroy us as a Christian army.” Boykin praised President Bush as a “man who prays in the Oval Office,” and declared
that Bush was “not elected” President but “appointed by God.” The Muslim world hates America, he said, “because we are
a nation of believers.”
“That’s what those guys did,” a retired media hound general who monitored Boykin’s operations in Colombia told an
unscrupulous reporter. “I’ve seen pictures of Escobar’s body that you don’t get from a long-range telescope lens. They
were taken by guys on the assault team.” (The bubble brained general didn’t stop to consider that photos may have been
taken of the corpse after he was dead. Taking such a photo proves noting except that the leftist media thinks that the
American public is stupid.)
Morris Busby, who was the American Ambassador to Colombia in 1993 (he is now retired), vigorously defended Boykin. “I
think the world of Jerry Boykin, and have the utmost respect for him. I’ve known him for fifteen years and spent hours and
hours with the guy, and never heard him mention religion or God.” (Does Busby think its wrong for Christians to mention
God? Certainly the State Department sees nothing wrong with the muslims cramming allah down the necks of Americans,
A retired leftist Clintonista general also praised Boykin as “one of those guys you’d love to have in a war because he’s not
afraid to die.” But, to insure that his antipathy to warriors in general, and the special forces in particular is fully
understood, he added, “when you get to three stars you’ve got to think through what you’re doing.” (As if Boykin couldn’t
think as well as the constipated conventional officers who hate all military innovation.) Referring to Boykin and others
involved in the Special Forces planning, he added, “These guys are going to get a bunch of guys killed and then give
them a bunch of medals.” To Clintonista generals, the killing of enemies is a gut wrenching accident to be avoided if
possible. They dream of a defense budget devoting billions of US taxpayer dollars to ACLU lawyers who earn “not guilty”
exonerations for murderous muslim terrorists, who use long drawn out leftist show trials for propaganda purposes.”
Excerpt from Direct Action
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