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I Corp US Marines in Vietnam & Major Battles Vietnam War
Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam
Incompetent Generals of the 3rd Marine Amphibious Force
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367 pages; 20 chapters and 10 appendices
The US Marine Corps has always been a respected institution. During the Vietnam War,
its personnel were always willing to fight for America. However,
during the Vietnam War
the US Marine Corps
came under the control of some especially incompetent generals.
As a result, the
US Marine Corps was constantly outmaneuvered by the North
Vietnamese Army
, and defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam occurred. That failure
of Marine Corps leadership
was a major factor in the defeat of US Military Forces in the
Second Indochina War. For the first time,
Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in
, as the first part of a two-volume set, fearlessly describes why and how it all
Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam provides impeccable
evidence of the Marine debacle in Nam. From the Battle of Khe Sahn to other major
Vietnam War battles, the US Marines were on the defensive and lost the initiative. The
mistakes of Marine Corps leadership, training, operations and defensive orientation in
Vietnam are laid bare in
Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam. The huge
Marine Corps divisions stationed in I Corps were “trench divisions” forever on the
defensive, more interested in pacification than fighting NVA main force units. In many major
Vietnam War battles,
failure stalked the US marines during the Vietnam War. It was
not a failure of courage but one of leadership.
Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps
in Vietnam
catalogues the monumental waste of human life and resources that resulted
from the wrong-headed policies and methods of the Third Marine Amphibious Force
leadership in
I Corps, South Vietnam (1965-1971). The US marines in Vietnam War never
I Corps, from 1965-72.
Also see volume two of this set:
Dishonored: Marine Corps on the Ropes
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“Marine units and their officers have traditionally and mistakenly thought that they were an elite, but they were not
an elite in Vietnam. Neither by superior combat skill, training, doctrine, organization or leadership were the US
marines in Vietnam marked by anything more than a strictly plebian record and very low marks in combat unit
innovation, aggressiveness, and maneuverability. "...Something always went wrong somewhere, somehow. It was
always something vague, unexplainable, tasting of bad fate, and the results were always brought down to their most
basic element--the dead marine. The belief that one marine was better than ten Slopes (Vietnamese) saw marine
squads fed in against known NVA platoons, platoons against companies, and on and on, until whole battalions
found themselves pinned down and cut off...the Corps came to be called by many the finest instrument ever devised
for the killing of young Americans. There were always plenty of stories...entire squads wiped out...companies taking
75% casualties, Marines ambushing marines, artillery and air strikes called in on our own positions...""
Excerpt from Disgraced: Defeat of the Marine Corps in Vietnam
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US Marines in Vietnam War