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Espionage Tools and Espionage History
Divine Manipulation of the Threads
Espionage's Grim Secrets
© 2003
205 pages; 11 chapters and 3 appendixes
A Byzantine underworld of complex psychological factors constricts American
intelligence operations and secret spying
while facilitating those of other
nations. The snarled and twisted espionage underworld is a tangled skein whose
mirrored finish reveals the US intelligence community as a grotesque facade,
masking a coterie of ineffective bureaucratic cliques unable to devise or manipulate
espionage tools. Those secret spying cliques exhibit several irrelevant and
bizarre mindsets, not the least of which is their participation in sociopathic games
instead of adroit
utilization of espionage tools. Intended for general readers, this
book is designed to facilitate
understanding of espionage tools, espionage
techniques and espionage history.
Beginning with a description of the
espionage history antecedents of modern espionage techniques, the
processes necessary for thinking like a
spy engaged in secret spying are
presented in a highly readable format. The reader will travel by candlelight down
dark corridors shrouded by deceptive smoke and mirrors. Suddenly,  the truth
about espionage tools, espionage techniques and espionage history is
spotlighted with illuminating intensity.
Review Table of Contents
”All espionage organizations should be very concerned about adversarial intentions and capabilities.  Capabilities are
resource-based possibilities, or what an adversary can do. Intentions, stemming from the motivations of leadership, are
what an adversary plans to do. What the enemy actually does is a separate reality. Some observers claim that American
intelligence has foundered because it has proven itself unable to navigate between the twin shoals of capabilities and
Perversely, an aberrant tradition of preferring capabilities data over intentions data, has been nurtured within the
American intelligence community for decades. Most American intelligence analysts actually believe that an enemy's
capabilities are more important than his intentions.  They further believe that intentions are bound by capabilities and that
those capabilities can be precisely known. Such beliefs segue nicely with the fact that American intelligence agency
resources are predominantly oriented towards obtaining data on capabilities. “
Excerpt from Divine Manipulation of the Threads
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