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Dominant Snipers, Snipers in Urban Combat
Dominant Snipers
Snipers in Urban Combat
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180 pages; 20 chapters and 2 appendixes
Ever since President Clinton sent several small units of American infantry up
against thousands of screaming Somalis in the downtown
urban jungles of
, a fear of swarming gangs has seized the American high command.
Since the American high command is controlled by political correctness, they  
realize that they cannot bring down massive fire support on marauding enemy
gangs. Thus, they seek to avoid
all urban combat. However, the professional
sniper will rub his hands gleefully as he realizes that those urban jungle
swarms are nothing more than a target rich environment targets.
urban sniper can dominate the streets of urban jungles, if they use the right sniper tactics. The only thing that a
dominant sniper must avoid in urban terrain and its swarming gangs of armed irregulars, is letting the enemy get close
enough to cut off the
sniper. The new tactics of the dominant sniper will be focused on solving such problems which are
discussed in clear detail in
Dominant Snipers.
Urban areas are happy hunting grounds for snipers. There are many places to hide; many escape routes and many excellent
firing positions.
Snipers who fight in urban areas are lucky because they can easily dominate the streets. Dominant
Snipers: Snipers in Urban Combat
is an e-book that describes numerous tactical innovations for the urban sniper
whether he is a member of a regular military unit or an armed partisan protecting his home against leftist and muslim killer
gangs. If you want to be a better sniper,
Dominant Snipers: Snipers in Urban Combat is the book for you.
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“A major element of enemy urban terrain tactics consists of small swarming gangs. Thousands of well-armed and
illegal enemy civilians (who can be shot without trial according to the Geneva Convention) may operate in urban
areas against U. S. forces. They will mass in a dispersed manner characterized by saturating an area with small
swarming gangs in order to exploit the fact that leftist “rules of engagement,” encourage armed civilians to kill
American troops without fear of retribution. According to giddily paranoid and amateur US generals, “this method
effectively compounds the problem U.S. formations already face employing weapon systems optimized for open
terrain instead of urban.” The fact that the US military would  “optimize its weapons for open terrain” when most of
the world is not open, is a patent absurdity and one more piece of evidence that the US military is intellectually
There is nothing to fear about small swarming gangs, they are simply a target-rich environment. A good sniper can
kill at least twenty of them before he has to withdraw to his next position.
When beset with hundreds of small swarming gangs in Mogadishu, the US Army, instead of rubbing its hands
gleefully before unleashing all of hell’s fury on the Somalian target-rich environment, forced its rifle-armed personnel
to fight at odds of one US soldier for ever ten swarming gangs. When the gangs overwhelmed the few Americans
who were abandoned and not supported by tanks, mortars, artillery, rocket projector, or aircraft, the Clinton
administration cut and run. It was a shameful, leftist disgrace.
Since Mogadishu however, certain fools within the armed services live in apoplectic fear of multiple small swarming
gangs of disorganized, drugged up maniacs. So-called soldiers who don’t know how to handle small swarming
gangs, including up to ten thousand such gangs, are rank, sniveling amateurs. Real soldiers and real snipers pray
for such opportunities.”
Excerpt from Dominant Snipers
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