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Deadly Deception & the Deception Game
Double Meaning / Triple Cross
The Craft of Deception; a Psychological Handbook
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378 pages; 16 chapters and 4 appendices
The craft of deadly deception remains a mystery to most people.
The few books available on the subject leave the reader with vague
impressions of deceptive events, but no understanding as to how
they occurred, or why. There is an unsatisfied demand for
deception information and explanations of its psychological
processes. People want to know: How does the
deception game process operate, worldwide? How does it affect me?
Double Meaning/Triple Cross is a psychological handbook that offers professionally researched facts, combined with
numerous explanatory charts, graphs and illustrations that are designed to
unlock the mysteries of the deception
. In the book, disarmingly simple principles and theories of deadly deception are placed within the grasp of
average readers. For example, the arcane art of using information filters to lull an adversary's mind by regularity and
routine is laid bare.
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Deadly deception is an ever present fact of life which permeates all human intercourse. Those who ignore the art of
demonstrate only a profound ignorance, or disregard, of reality. “...Deception can be found in any human
which involves competition over scarce resources or any other desired benefits that are limited in supply.
Whenever and wherever a situation exists -- in business, economic life, politics on all levels, love -- through which an
advantage can be gained by cheating, there will always be individuals or groups who will resort to it...
Deception in
international politics
and more frequently in war is rewarded by greater achievements and success...a rational and
necessary type of activity because it acts as a force multiplier, that is it magnifies the strength or power of the successful
deceiver. Forgoing the use of deception...undermines one’s own strength... Strength not
accompanied by stratagem
and deception
will become sterile and will inevitably decline. Perhaps for that very reason, the more powerful...
establishments must make a conscious effort systematically to incorporate deception into their thinking.”
Deception is also an eternal verity from which there is no escape! “...
deception is always a present factor whether or not
it is being practiced. Deception like surprise must therefore be seen as inevitable in conflict, as an inherent part of
intelligence work and war that can never be discounted.”
Practiced with equal skill by ancient Greek and Chinese alike,
deception is the pristine, consummate feature of
successful competition and warfighting
. Combatants ignore deception at their peril, because it magnifies the strength
of the user. “... when all other elements of strength in war are approximately equal, deception will amplify the available
strength of a state--or allow it to use its force more economically by achieving victory.”
Deception is the ultimate weapon since it inevitably leads to victory. ”...
Deception always works...Even if caught trying to
deceive, or if your deception fails, the next time the enemy must guess whether you are deceiving again or whether you
are not. The fact you are
capable of deception becomes known and the enemy becomes less confident of his ability to
determine your intent...”
That’s the deception game.” "
Excerpt from Double Meaning / Triple Cross
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Influence and deception processes are contrasted with disinformation and active measures. Such intricacies as
orchestrated distortion of expected event patterns, transmitted, as false indicators through adversarial surveillance
channels, are made user-friendly. Learn how Soviet/Russian domination of
international deception warfare has been
maintained by their agency,
Glavnoe Upravlenie Strategicheska Maskirovka, a strategic directorate that hides their
secrets, conducts disarmament negotiations, and deceives foreign reconnaissance satellites and electronic sensors while
bamboozling Western intelligence.
Deadly Deception in the Deception Game