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Leftists Terrorism Methods
Electronic Bugging and Debugging
Leftist Terrorists and Electronic Monitoring
Edited by: Wolf Steiner
© 2009
115 pages; 13 chapters
Wolf Steiner and the Zero Jihad Organization have researched the activities of
leftist organizations that are engaged in terrorist sabotage and
other anti-American assaults. If you want to know
how leftist subversion works
right now in the USA, this book will answer some of your questions.
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“Speech inversion is a very common method of speech scrambling, probably because it’s the cheapest. Speech inversion
works be taking a signal and turning it 'inside out', reversing the signal around a pre-set frequency. Speech inversion can
be broken down into three types, base-band inversion (also called 'phase inversion'), variable-band inversion (or 'rolling
phase inversion') and split band inversion. Images will be used to help clarify what different inversion systems do. The non-
scrambled wave is represented at right. (Note: Box waves were used for clarity, though telephones output a sine wave.)”
Excerpt from Electronic Bugging and Debugging
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Electronic Bugging and Debugging is a book that describes numerous
techniques used by leftists to avoid electronic surveillance. It provides
instructions for both bugging and debugging target areas, as well
as related
electronic surveillance topics. Although this material was
assembled by leftist terrorists, to be used as a teaching tool to protect them
from surveillance, the bugging and debugging information could be used
by anyone
Zero Jihad, Anti-Terroism Movement
Electronic Bugging and Debugging