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Elite Infantry of South Africa - the SADF elite infantry
Elite Infantry of South Africa
SADF’s Best Infantry Units
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153 pages; 9 chapters and 1 appendix
The Union of South Africa was defeated and taken over by a
communist-racist regime, not because they lacked
elite infantry in
South Africa
, but because the people were betrayed at the
highest level.
Elite Infantry of South Africa is an introduction to
the achievements of the
South African Defense Force’s (SADF)
best foot-mobile troops: the reconnaissance troops, paratroops,
32nd Battalion, and elite counterinsurgency forces.
Elite Infantry
of South Africa
provides a valuable behind-the-cordite look at the
organization and tactics of the SADF’s finest.
Review Table of Contents
“The communist terrorist group, SWAPO, had a terrorism plan for the Ovambo. So called "sell-outs" or indigenous people
who wanted to coexist with Africa’s white tribe, would be made examples of, babies would be killed and their mothers
forced to eat their flesh. If a village headman was neutral, Sam Nujomas' henchmen would quickly sway popular opinion
by publicly executing him as an example to those who did not toe the communist party line. If the headman murder failed,
a number of victims would be picked at random, and the local population, known as "PB's" (Plaaslike Bevolking) would be
coerced into killing these, whilst singing the praises of PLAN (the military wing of SWAPO). If group murder did not have
the desired effect, the people of an entire kraal would be torched as an example to those who did not agree with
Nujoma's idea of democracy. South African troops often came upon the corpses of those unfortunates. The South
Africans could only wish that those in the outside world who always accused South Africa of being the villain, could be
present when they had to transport one of SWAPO's victims bodies back to those who would be grieving for them.”
Excerpt from Elite Infantry of South Africa
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Elite Infantry of South Africa - the SADF elite infantry
Elite Infantry of South Africa describes the organization, tactics, and some of the operations of the SADF’s infantry in their
battles against African terrorists, Cuban regular army troops and Soviet special units. No historian, military buff or professional
soldier can afford to ignore the lessons of the
Elite Infantry of South Africa.