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Espionage Courses
Espionage Course
Military Intelligence - Espionage Courses
© 2008
9 Subcourses
©2005-2012 QuikManeuvers. All Rights Reserved.
Includes the following subcourses:

Intel Collection

Interrogation Screening Operations

Interrogation Questioning Techniques

Counterintelligence Investigative Interviews

Reporting/Disseminating Intelligence Information

Intelligence Officer Responsibilities

Introduction to Intelligence Analysts

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield

Introduction to Order of Battle
Due to the overwhelming popularity of QuikManeuvers' espionage manuals,
QuikManeuvers has developed a new comprehensive
espionage course. This
military intelligence and espionage focused basic study espionage course
contains nine subcourses, each with practical information and details about how to
conduct particular tasks of
military intelligence collection, analysis and
The subcourse material is culled from current and past
military intelligence and
espionage training materials
, edited for practical use in today's volatile political

The student will learn from reading the espionage course material. To test their own
absorption of the subcourse material, students can then test with included "practice
questions" and check their responses against provided answers.

This is your opportunity to learn from actual military intelligence and
espionage training materials to increase your acumen in the field of
espionage and intelligence.
Espionage Course - Basic
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