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Espionage Manual 10 - Secrets fo KGB Spy Tradecraft
Espionage Manual 10 - Secrets of KGB Spy Tradecraft
KGB Spy Tradecraft Methods
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155 pages, 6 chapters and 1 appendix
Espionage Manual # 10 – Secrets of KGB Spy Tradecraft is a distilled manual of
soviet spy tradecraft methods
as explained in translated KGB documents. This
material is also utilized by the current Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), the
KGB’s heir-apparent. The information included in
Espionage Manual # 10 – Secrets of
KGB Spy Tradecraft
is different from material provided in other QuikManeuvers
Espionage Manuals on spy tradecraft. It emphasizes KGB operational behavior,
KGB recruitment of sources, problems with civilian cover for spies, and KGB
methods of assassination and kidnapping.
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“It has long been known that the Soviet state security service (formerly the KGB) resorted to abduction and murder
to combat what were considered to be actual or potential threats to the Soviet regime. These techniques, frequently
designated as "executive action" by the American CIA, and known within the KGB as "liquid affairs" (Mokryye Dela)
or wet work. Such methods could be and were employed abroad as well as within the borders of the USSR. They
have been used against Soviet citizens, Soviet émigrés, and even foreign nationals. A list of those who have fallen
victim to such action over the years would be a very long one and would include even the co-founder of the Soviet
state, Leon Trotsky. Several well-known Soviet assassination operations, which have occurred since the rise of
Khrushchev attest to the fact that the present leadership of the USSR still employs this method of dealing with its
The sudden disappearance or unexpected death of a person known to possess anti-Soviet convictions immediately
raises the suspicion of Russian involvement. Because it is often impossible to prove who is responsible for such
incidents, Soviet intelligence is frequently blamed and is undoubtedly credited with successes it actually has not
achieved. On the other hand, even in cases where the Soviet hand is obvious, investigation often produces only
fragmentary information, due to the KGB ability to camouflage its trail. In addition, Soviet intelligence is doubtless
involved in incidents that never become officially recognized as executive action, such as assassinations, which are
recorded as accidents, suicides, or natural deaths.  
All of the factors cited above have helped to obscure Soviet practices in regard to assassinations and abductions
outside the USSR. Certain observations can be made, however, which will help to put these practices into their
proper perspective. These observations are set forth in the following paragraphs and are based on information
produced by the investigation of known or suspected Soviet operations which have occurred since World War II, as
well as from information supplied by defectors during this period.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #10 - Secrets of KGB Spy Tradecraft
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