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Espionage Manual 12 - Russian Spy Tricks
Espionage Manual 12 - Russian Spy Tricks
Modern Russian Espionage and Deception
© 2011
186 pages, 5 chapters
Espionage Manual # 12 – Russian Spy Tricks is an in-depth description of the variety of
Russian espionage agencies now actively in service to Russia. In-depth information is also
provided on the relationship of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to the
espionage agencies
. In addition, the most powerful non-military intelligence agency in Russia,
the SVR, is profiled. The material for this book went through the sieve of
Russian deception,
and most of what is included herein is what the Russians want the world to believe about their
espionage agencies. The men who wrote this material obtained it from Russian sources that
obsessively practice deception
. Yet, there are many facts within this material that the reader
will find very interesting. Vladimir Putin, and the denizens of
Russian espionage may practice
their deception
, but to be forewarned is to realize that neither Mr. Putin nor Espionage
Manual # 12 – Russian Spy Tricks
can provide enough deception to mask all the facts.
Review Table of Contents
“In October 2000, the FSB arrested former chief of the Chechen espionage agencies Turpal Atgeriyev. The
information about his capture was made public in December.
In June 2001, the Russians announced the arrest of Maghomedali Bagiyev, Shamil Basayev’s intelligence chief,
although this was denied by the Chechens. Abu Movsayev, the first head of the first Chechen security body, the
Department of State Security (DGB) was killed by the Russian special forces.
The death of the Jordanian fighter Khattab in Chechnya was confirmed by the FSB on 25 April 2002, several weeks
after his death. Khattab died opening a poisoned letter delivered by a double agent Magomedali Magomedov, 26, a
Wahhabite from Dagestan, also known as Ibragim or Al-Guri. It is not known if he knew that the letter, which killed
Khattab and delivered by him, contained poison. Magomedov was later found dead on a rubbish heap.
In February 2001, the FSB assessed the number of Chechen militants at 5,000, of whom 1,500 were regarded as
hard-liners. By October, Ilya Shabalkin, the spokesman for the FSB, announced that there were 1,500 Chechen
rebels but gave the number of helpers still active in Chechnya as 1,000. In March 2002, Colonel Shabalkin
assessed the number of rebels in Chechnya at 1,000. The deputy representative of the Russian president in the
Southern Federal District quoted the same figure in January 2002.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #12 - Russian Spy Tricks
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