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Espionage Manual 14 - GRU Training & Tradecraft
Espionage Manual 14 - GRU Training & Tradecraft
Soviet Military Intelligence
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108 pages, 7 chapters and 3 appendixes
Soviet Military Intelligence, the GRU, has long been one of the most effective Soviet
espionage agencies.
Espionage Manual #14 - GRU Training & Tradecraft describes
in great detail the
spy training of GRU officers and the tradecraft that they practice
as spies.
Spy training is a closely held secret by most nations of the world, and Russia is
even more extreme in that regard. That is why the material in this book is so important.
The three primary tradecraft elements: covert residency, source recruiting, and
source manipulation are also described in this book. Of course, the
modifications to spy
tradecraft employed by the GRU
are clearly indicated. Spy training and spy
are two important considerations when any intelligence agency is being
evaluated. The
GRU seems to have a record of excellence in both spheres.
Review Table of Contents
“Beginning in the third year, the Academy's Diplomatic Preparation Department schools the student primarily for his
cover duties, offering courses in diplomatic etiquette and attaché observation, collection, and reporting; but it also
touches on covert tasks, operational as well as informational reporting, and the organization of deep-cover
operations. Another Department teaches him about the organization of foreign armed forces and their intelligence
divisions, with emphasis on the American. Meanwhile he is l
earning tradecraft in classes of the Special
Preparation Department. Here the third year is devoted to subjects like intelligence history and methodology,
comparative organization, comparative techniques, Soviet intelligence objectives, procedures under official cover
and under deep cover, and the organization of third-country operations.
Tradecraft proper comes in the fourth
year, with courses such as agent recruitment and direction, operational techniques, communications--radio,
photography, secret writing, microdots--camouflage and concealment, and counterintelligence evasion.  
Practical operational exercises are carried out in Moscow and its suburbs after the techniques have been mastered
in laboratories and classrooms. Theoretical exercises are also organized with the help of a spetsfond, a collection of
classified materials including sanitized operational case histories; these are studied, analyzed, criticized, and
debated with a view to developing skill and ingenuity in the establishment and operation of intelligence networks.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #14 - GRU Training & Tradecraft
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