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Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
Espionage Manual 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
How Soviet Espionage Replaced Failed Revolution
© 2007
102 pages, 9 chapters
Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany is part of
QuikManeuvers.com’s new series of
espionage manuals of forgotten Soviet
HUMINT techniques
. It is an important introductory e-book that describes an aspect
of world history totally ignored by American authors and publishers.  Our subscribers
who read this e-book entitled
Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of
will find information in it that they have never even heard a whisper of before
In 1919 the Soviets targeted Germany as their number one enemy, because Germany
had a leftist government and there were 250,000 communists living there. In 1920 the
USSR, as accurately described in
Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of
, began a series of communist subversive campaigns that, at first focused on
assassination, then developed into a long period of revolutionary and terrorist warfare.
Review Table of Contents
“Many of the German soldiers coming home after World War I saw Germany on the brink of chaos with its social
structures crumbling. Order and discipline had been the rule when they left, now, nothing but disorder reigned.  Russians,
who had lost on the battlefield, were now within the leadership ranks of the communist revolutionaries inside Germany and
in control of large sections of Germany. Everywhere, Soviets and Workers' Councils were in control. Russian communists
were leading tens of thousands of German communists in a war that was a struggle to the death between communism and
German freedom. Millions of returning German soldiers saw the "Red scum" who joined the revolt as traitors who had
turned on their country in its hour of need.  Many saw the revolutionaries, Russian communists leading treasonous
German communists, as the reason for Germany's defeat.
The communists, Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, had tightened their grip on much of Berlin. They knew they could
never win an election, but were determined to overthrow the Ebert government, set up a dictatorship of various
revolutionary councils, and proclaim a German Soviet Republic in tune with Russia. Karl and Rosa had formed a "Council
of Deserters, Stragglers and Furloughed Soldiers" to be used as Red Fighters for their revolution. On January 6, 1919,
Liebknecht and Rosa openly called for revolution and publicly proclaimed the new name of their organization --The
‘Revolutionary Communist Workers' Party of Germany.’ “
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
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Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
After the Red efforts were defeated by the German people and the Gestapo, Soviet
subversive warfighting evolved into the familiar Soviet espionage-centric subversion. Later, the Reds' espionage-centric
subversive warfare was expanded into
Soviet traitor-espionage centric war, which had to beat the Gestapo to get
. The exciting details of the teleological organization and tactics of the Soviet GRU and NKVD as it infiltrated and
organized a bewildering array of subversive, terrorist and espionage vehicles inside Germany are contained in
Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany
Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet Subversion of Germany the reader will learn that the pre-Hitler government of
Germany was a de facto ally of leftist subversion for over a decade. The reader will also learn how the people of Germany
had to deal with both their government and the reds, by forming their own combat groups. Modern western authors and
publishers ignore the fantastic
wars that swept back and forth through Germany for 15 years before the Hitler and
Gestapo era
. They ignore it because the facts of what actually happened will dispute and nullify the fabric of mythological lies
that they have promoted in a naked re-write of history to conform to leftist “truth”.
Espionage Manual # 16 - Soviet
Subversion of Germany
is the first of a new mini series of QuikManeuvers.com espionage manuals that grapples
with historical reality not leftist mythology.