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Espionage Manual #18 - Communist Spy Webs
Espionage Manual 18 - Communist Spy Webs
Red Apparats Against Germany
© 2007
172 pages, 15 chapters
In World War II, the USSR, like spiders spinning webs, infiltrated waves of
communist spy webs into Germany where they faced the most formidable
counter espionage force in the world, the Gestapo. Espionage Manual #18
- Communist Spy Webs
will reveal heretofore-unmentioned facts that will shock
the reader. In
Espionage Manual #18 - Communist Spy Webs the reader will
learn the difference between
spy webs staffed and managed by infiltrated
communists and the many spy webs of highly placed German traitors who
served their communist masters from long range. For the first time, the
backstabbing nature of Switzerland, a nation that pretended to be neutral, is
revealed. Switzerland was a base for several of the most important
spy webs
that serviced German and Swiss traitors. The reader will be
shocked to learn how
Switzerland served the communists by carrying out
spying for them. The murderous traitor cabal of psychopathic German
aristocrats, and their stooges who betrayed Germany and sabotaged hundreds
of German warfighting efforts, are precisely exposed in
Espionage Manual #18
- Communist Spy Webs
. If you want to know how that spider’s web of
Soviet, German and Swiss spy webs operated
then Espionage Manual
#18 - Communist Spy Webs
is the e-book for you.
Review Table of Contents
" ‘Dora’ was the cover name of the chief of the Soviet espionage network in Switzerland, Alexander Rado, a Soviet
agent of Hungarian origin. His HUMINT collections group included fanatical communists, superbly trained
professional agents. Among them was Rudolf Rossler, a German, refugee, whose cover name was "Lucy".
Rossler was the most important asset of Soviet military espionage against Germany. He was even more important
than the Soviet star spy Dr Sorge, who held a post in the German Embassy in Tokyo until the winter of 1941 and
kept Stalin supplied with vital information. The value of Rossler was not that he had any special genius for spying.
Rossler’s value stemmed from the nature of his sources. He had friends within the highest reaches of Germany’s
military and intelligence hierarchy. Those German traitors supplied, by radio, a continuous stream of German
secrets that enabled the communists to know at all times the resources and plans of Germany. Most of the cowardly
German generals and colonel traitors whose treason and sabotage caused the deaths of over a million Germans
and the ascendancy of Soviet imperialism, have never been brought to justice.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #18 - Communist Spy Webs
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