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Espionage Manual # 19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs
Espionage Manual 19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs
US Government’s Bureaucratic Espionage
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139 pages, 9 chapters and 2 appendixes
Espionage Manual #19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs is an e-book that
describes the strange
bureaucratic American approach to spying. The first
thing that the reader will be shocked to learn, if he reads carefully, is that
American bureaucrats
view spying as research, and actually believe that
they can get over 90% of the useful intelligence needed by reading books,
newspapers, and carrying out library research (open sources).
Manual #19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs
describes the American
world of
amateur researchers who have been total intelligence failures since
the inception of the CIA. Only the influence of powerful leftist and neo-marxist
allies within the American power structure have kept failed
afloat for the obvious reasons. (The maintenance of America’s
amateurish and leftist politicized
intelligence agencies insures that America
will eventually fall to foreign communist and Islamic tyrannies.)
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“According to American bureaucrats, intelligence analysis is the breaking down of a large problem into a number of
smaller problems and performing mental operations on the data in order to arrive at a conclusion or a
generalization. It involves close examination of related items of information to determine the extent to which they
confirm, supplement, or contradict each other and thus to establish probabilities and relationships.
Analysis is not merely reorganizing data and information into a new format. At the very least, analysis should fully
describe the phenomenon under study, accounting for as many relevant variables as possible. At the next higher
level of analysis, a thorough explanation of the phenomenon is obtained, through interpreting the significance and
effects of its elements on the whole. Ideally, analysis can reach successfully beyond the descriptive and explanatory
levels to synthesis and effective persuasion, often referred to as estimation.
The purpose of intelligence analysis is to reveal to a specific decision maker the underlying significance of selected
target information. Frequently intelligence analysis involves estimating the likelihood of one possible outcome, given
the many possibilities in a particular scenario. This function is not to be confused with prediction, as no one can
honestly be credited with predicting the future.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs
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Espionage Manual #19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs simply describes how American intelligence bureaucrats
. The reader will be shocked to learn that the whole process revolves around the oddly American power center of so-
“intelligence analysts.” America’s amateur espionage practitioners have inserted analysts to insure that
American intelligence is never useful
. However, such information is not contained in Espionage Manual #19 -
Espionage Manual for Amateurs
which describes the wrong-headed thinking and organization of the American
intelligence bureaucracies
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Divine Manipulation of the Threads and US Military Intelligence Failure describe the ideological politicalization and treasonous
sabotage of American CIA and DIA analysts.
Espionage Manual #19 - Espionage Manual for Amateurs breaks open the
bureaucratic thinking behind the amateur masquerade known as American intelligence.
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