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Espionage Manual 1, Soviet Spy Methods
Espionage Manual 1 - Soviet Spy Methods
The Most Effective of Spy Agency Methodology
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137 pages; 6 chapters
Espionage Manual #1 - Soviet Spy Methods, is the first in a series of
espionage manuals
describing the techniques, character, and methods of a variety
of international spy agencies.
Soviet spy methods are the most important in any
study of espionage, since they are the most effective. Several aspects of Soviet
spy methods
are described in this espionage manual, including the management
of spies and related subjects.
Review Table of Contents
“Like the Western intelligence services, the Russians get information about foreign states from two principal sources,
from secret informants and undercover agents and from legitimate sources such as military and scientific journals,
published reference material, and records of parliamentary debates (the favored method of CIA intelligence
gathering). But the Russians regard as true intelligence (razvedka) only the first type of information that procured by
undercover agents and secret informants in defiance of the laws of the foreign country in which they operate.
Information obtained from legitimate sources and publications they consider mere research data. In the eyes of
Russian officers it takes a real man to do the creative and highly dangerous work of underground intelligence on
foreign soil, while the digging up of research data in the safety of the home office or library can be left to women or
young lieutenants just beginning their careers. The Western intelligence services, on the other hand, treat both types
of information as intelligence, often with a much higher regard for research than for undercover work.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #1 - Soviet Spy Methods
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