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Espionage Manual #21 - Defectors
Espionage Manual 21 - Defectors
CIA Mismanagement of Defectors
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61 pages, 7 chapters
Espionage Manual #21 - Defectors is an introduction to defectors and
their importance to the CIA
. In other intelligence agencies defectors
provide valuable intelligence, sometimes the most crucial intelligence of all.
Some of the defectors are part of the scheme to gain total control of the
penetrated agency. However, their usefulness cannot be ignored.
Intelligence agencies that are totally penetrated by enemy moles look
defectors from a different angle.  It is the fact that agencies harboring
also harbor ideological traitors that protect the moles. Internal spy
agency traitors also look at
defectors from another angle.  Defectors help
muddy the water. In the
CIA there are many traitors and a few moles. The
moles and traitors struggle to maintain control and destroy any agency
CIA mismanagement of defectors only makes the whole scam
easier. That is what the e-book
Espionage Manual #21 - Defectors is about.
It introduces the reader to another group of
CIA failure areas so common in
an agency desolated by incompetence and treason. If you want to gauge the
effectiveness of a spy agency, you must begin by investigating its
management of defectors.
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“The irony was that while the CIA was partying with its foreign leftist friends, it was ignoring most of the hordes of
defectors from communist states and their treasure trove of information. The little bit of information that the CIA did
acquire, about 10% of what was available, was paraded as CIA “intelligence coups” the result of “clever CIA espionage
maneuvering.” It is ironic that invariably the CIA has benefited from defectors while simultaneously seeking to curb that
Throughout the cold war (World War III) the continuous defection of communist personnel, frequently high ranking, was
a common occurrence. For decades, every new Soviet outrage produced fresh crops of disaffected communists and
anti-communists fleeing the USSR’s tyranny. Wave after wave of anticommunist defectors buffeted against the seawall of
CIA indifference for decades. If the CIA had properly debriefed and otherwise utilized those defectors, the history of the
Cold War would have been rewritten as a victory of western espionage. Although apologists argue that the previous
statement was the actual case, in reality, the Soviet Union temporarily collapsed becasue President Ronald Reagan
terminated all USA financing of the USSR.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #21 - Defectors
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