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Espionage Manual #23 - Spy Secret Communication
Espionage Manual 23 - Spy Secret Communication
Spy Messaging Tradecraft
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287 pages, 26 chapters and 1 appendixes
In this so-called modern age of savagery and mass murder, the leftist dilettante
nations pride themselves on high technology in every aspect of life, even the
of the spy
. They call themselves spies as they vacuum in and tape record every
sound in the universe, while sending their billion dollar satellites beeping through
the heavens. But they learn nothing, and know nothing because they are simply the
self-conscious stooges of feudal Marxism. Yet the few nations practicing
spy craft,
as it should be practiced, plunge deep into the enemy’s secrets, collecting the most
crucial of information.
Espionage Manual #23 – Spy Secret Communications is
a comprehensive guidebook and thought-piece describing one of the most
important aspects of
spy tradecraft, spy secret communications. It is the variety
of dynamic messaging, not dependent upon the dumb machine servomechanisms
that protect the best of the modern spies from their high technology enemies.
Espionage Manual #23 – Spy Secret Communications describes the nether
world of
spy secret communications where men flourish as flesh and blood
swords piercing the enemy shields and sensing danger without dependence on the
oily clicking of machines. Come and join us in this dark world where the future of
mankind is decided, as you learn the intricacies of a
key weapon of that war, spy
secret communications.
Review Table of Contents
“When enemy surveillance is detected, a spy is enervated with an immediate message of danger. The hairs stand up on
his neck and he begins a systematic environmental search. He knows that if he is to continue, he must escape the
surveillance or trick it. If he does not, the process will begin. The imprisonment, interrogation, torture, and the spilling of
his guts, which inevitably follows. He knows that process may maim or kill his and will change his life forever. Then
comes a period of strangled, blinding fear which he must shake off. If he has been properly trained, as few nations
seem able to do, he will begin a series of oft-practiced evasion drills.
Yet few spies, and no American spies, can detect all surveillance, especially technical. Therefore a spy follows drills to
avoid surveillance by humans while actively avoiding detection by cameras and other technological sensors through
disguise or similar avoidance techniques.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #23 - Spy Secret Communications
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