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Espionage Manual # 24 - Pakistanís Inter-Services Intelligence
Espionage Manual 24 - Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence
The ISI, Enemy of the West
© 2012
176 pages, 12 chapters and 1 special report
Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence has long been an effective enemy of the
Christian world. No greater
ally of Islamic terrorism/imperialism has yet been
spawned by the demons of hell, than
Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence
. Posing as allies of the USA, the ISI enemy of the West receives billions of
dollars annually from the
USA for its “help in the War on Terror.” Although
Pakistan’s assistance to the
USA “War on Terror” is minimal, America is
desperate because the fifty billion dollars wasted every year by the CIA, DIA and
FBI is not being earned. America has no sources of
intelligence on the Islamic
. As a result, America pays the ISI tens of billions of taxpayer dollars for
loads of dross, fragments of information, and phony disinformation. Such stupidity
marks the “
War on Terror” as a sham since America embraces its greatest
enemy as its strongest
Islamic ally.
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“Pakistan’s sinister Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) remains the key to understanding the “US-led” alliance in its world
wide war against Osama bin Laden and his psychotic murder cultists. Known as Pakistan’s “secret army” and “invisible
government”, its shadowy past, linked to political assassinations and the smuggling of narcotics as well as nuclear and
missile components, has marked the ISI as a force to be reckoned with. The ISI has successfully grappled with Soviet,
American, British, Israeli, Indian and Middle Eastern intelligence agencies for twenty years. From those multifarious
battles, the ISI has frequently emerged as the winner. The secret of the ISI’s success is not embedded in the Koran or
the result of Allah’s blessings. The ISI is successful because it is a totally ruthless, result-oriented organization
unfettered by political correctness or the oversight of timid and depraved rich leftists.
The ISI also openly backs the Taliban and other terrorist groups while fueling the 15-year-old terrorist uprising in
northern India’s disputed Kashmir province. The ISI influences events by “sponsoring” imperialist Muslim terrorist groups
and ministering its technique of “death by a thousand cuts” that so effectively drove the Soviets out of Afghanistan and
led to their political demise. The agency is applauded throughout the Islamic world for its skill at milking the fat American
cow of billions of taxpayer dollars while simultaneously sabotaging the USA’s so-called war on terror.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #24 - Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence
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Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence- the ISI
Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence has been imperialistic Islam’s most powerful intelligence and covert action
for over twenty years. The fact that they continue to make fools of the USA has added to ISI’s image. Within the
pages of the e-book,
Espionage Manual #24 - Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence is a wealth of information on the ISI,
most of it emanating from foreign sources. Some of it seems to be duplicative until close comparisons are made between the
offerings of each source.
Espionage Manual #24 - Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence affords the reader the
opportunity to sift through a variety of intelligence sources as he compares similar material and gleans out unique gems of
information simultaneously.