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Espionage Manual #25 - Stasi's Strange Story - e-book about East German Spy Agency
Espionage Manual 25 - Stasi's Strange Story
Stasi: East German Spy Agency
© 2007
145 pages, 7 chapters and 5 appendices
Espionage Manual #25 - Stasi’s Strange Story is an e-book that introduces one of the best
spy agencies
in the world, Stasi, the East German spy agency. Although Stasi has been
disbanded, its hundreds of agents and sources still control Germany and continue to carry out
intelligence collection all over the world. During its decades of existence,
Stasi totally infiltrated
every aspect of West and
East German life and transformed liberal West Germany into a neo-
marxist politically correct leftist state.
Espionage Manual #25 - Stasi’s Strange Story is only an
introduction to
Stasi since the German authorities have closed all access to Stasi files. They
did that because those files reveal the fact that the small
East German spy agency had infiltrated
every major western nation, including Britain and the USA with
spies and agents of influence.
Many of those
Stasi informants and puppets are still active in the governments of the West.
They are powerful traitors and moles who could not continue in their jobs if the truth got out. Their
success at suppressing the full story revealing the identity of each
Stasi stooge has shut down
public access to
Stasi files. That is why Espionage Manual #25 - Stasi’s Strange Story is just
an introductory e-book that calls attention to salient findings already revealed, and explores what
remains hidden.
Review Table of Contents
“East Germany’s Stasi spy agency was one of the most effective intelligence services in the world, and every bit as well
respected as those of Israel and France. Although Stasi was a puppet of the Soviet KGB, its achievements in the world
of espionage frequently eclipsed the spy agencies of major western nations. The small nation of a few million East
Germans, fielded a spy agency that was many times more effective than the American CIA, FBI and DIA combined.
Nevertheless West German and American intelligence officials, always ignorant of the facts, were “amazed to discover
the magnitude of Stasi’s foreign operations,” orchestrated until his retirement by the infamous communist spymaster and
Zionist, Markus Wolf. Until 1979, Western intelligence agents did not even have a current photograph of Wolf, ''the man
without a face.'' But before he died he stepped out from the shadows. Becoming, a best-selling author of a book that
offers little real information, Wolf described his successful penetration of the West German intelligence and military over
a period of more than 30 years. Wolf refused to describe Stasi links with Islamic terrorism or the many Stasi infiltrations
of American, British and European nations.
Startling revelations have come to light detailing the Stasi's links to a variety of terrorist groups, notably Islamic terrorism
and the far-left Red Army Faction, eight of whose members were arrested in East Germany. With the help of the Stasi,
they had been given new identities and jobs in East Germany after carrying out terrorist operations in the 1970's and
80's. The Stasi has also been implicated in the Libyan-directed bombing of the La Belle disco in West Germany in 1986.
According to new information from informants and seized files, Stasi agents helped transport the explosives to West
Berlin that resulted in the deaths of two American soldiers. Stasi’s deep involvement in the training, support and sponsor
ship of Islamic and African terrorism is not being mentioned. Over 95% of the hundreds of thousands of pages of Stasi
intelligence reports will never be publicly viewed. The information would shake the Western world, now ruled by
politically correct leftist governments, to its very foundations. Revelations of the names and depredations of the
thousands of leftist traitors now in power in the West, would cause major upheavals. If the Stasi files were totally
revealed the West’s working people and middle class would revolt against the neo-Marxism that holds them in velvet
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 25 - Stasi’s Strange Story
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