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Espionage Manual #26 - British Intelligence - British Espionage
Espionage Manual 26 - British Intelligence
British Espionage Struggles
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263 pages, 26 chapters and 5 appendixes
British Intelligence has greatly improved since the war years, and just after World War II
when homosexual spy rings
turned British intelligence into a foil of the Soviets. Then
something admirable in the souls of
British intelligence began to harden. Throughout
the 1960s and 1970s,
British intelligence carried the fight to the hordes of domestic
traitors created by the Soviets. At the same time, American
traitors were nurtured and
allowed to take over all American intelligence.
The superior
British intelligence agencies, MI6 and MI5, fought back against world
communism, Islamic terrorism, and most dangerously the
traitors within. The hard core of
traitors that now dominate every western nation, except Britain, is the result of that
effort. The small, under-funded
British intelligence agencies used their skills to beat
their nation’s enemies, cleaned their own houses of moles, and earned the trust of the
British leadership. At the same time
British intelligence was far more effective and far
smarter than the leftist sabotaged American
intelligence agencies. For example, the
Brits don’t use thousands of subversive twenty-something amateur leftist “analysts” to
sabotage their intelligence efforts. Instead, they utilize a cadre of experienced men of
proven loyalty to provide analysis. Of course unlike the Americans, who emphasize leftist
British intelligence emphasizes collection. Espionage Manual # 26 -
British Intelligence
is the first book about British intelligence written by intelligence
experts, who fearlessly tell the truth.
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“The most effective British mole of the twentieth century, the traitor Kim Philby, was well versed in the lore of double
cross and used it to benefit his Soviet masters. Compounding the harm done, was the fact that Philby was a high official
in British SIS. Apparently Philby's brand of betrayal ran in the family.  None other than the famous Lawrence of Arabia,
once accused Philby's highly respected Arabist (i.e. anti-semitic and pro-Arab/muslim) father of being a communist. If
that charge was true, then Philby was simply carrying on his father's tradition as a "red diaper" baby.
After spending eleven years (1933-44) worming himself into the MI-6 hierarchy, Kim Philby betrayed many allied secrets
to the communists during World War II. As a reward, Kim was promoted by both his masters, to head of British
counterespionage, and was elevated to general in the Soviet espionage agency, the KGB.
Philby was assigned to the United States in 1949, where he soon befriended the American CIA counterintelligence
savant, Jesus Angleton.  The two high-ranking officials of supposedly allied intelligence agencies then began a two-year
relationship of intrigue and maneuver. Philby was always the dominant one. In his capacity as chief of British
counterespionage against the Soviet Union, and liaison to the Americans, Philby now had "...carte blanche access to
every secret (the American) secret service had..."
There is evidence that Angleton already knew that Philby was a traitor.  Teddy Kolleck, Israeli mayor of Jerusalem, had
observed the marriage of Philby to an Austrian communist agent, Litzi Friedman, in Vienna, in 1934. He probably
revealed that fact to his close friend, Jesus Angleton, sometime prior to Philby's assignment as His Majesty's Secret
Intelligence Service chief liaison with the FBI and CIA in Washington, DC, in 1949. Certainly the Mossad, Israeli
intelligence, trusted no one in the CIA or MI6, except Angleton, for many years."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 26 - British Intelligence
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