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Espionage Manual #27 - Spy Management Tradecraft
Espionage Manual 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft
Soviet/Russian Agent Handling
© 2007
119 pages, 17 chapters
Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft is actually an
edited version of a
Soviet training manual employed by the KGB to assist
in training
Soviet spies working against the Americans. It is all there,
Soviet tradecraft that was appropriate then and appropriate now.
Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft not only reveals
key principles of
Soviet tradecraft as it applied to the American situation
in the 1960s, but also important guidelines that continue to shape the current
management of Russian agents. It is important for complacent Americans
who think that the
CIA, for example only needs “more money” or
“better management” to do a better job, to read about how true
KGB-type espionage agencies, focused on spying
operate. The
CIA, and other so-called American intelligence agencies, are not spy agencies, they are research
Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft describes the methods of a true spy agency, the
. Readers of Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft will begin to understand just what it takes
to manage a real
spy agency, and maybe some day they will make sure that America’s 5th Columnist CIA is abolished
for all time.
Review Table of Contents
“The most revealing part of KGB training was its curiously realistic depiction of the American character. Note some of his
typical observations. "An American's circle of interests is often rather small." "Many Americans do not read books. Their
main interest in newspapers lies in advertisements, sports, news, and cartoons.”
“Generally speaking bourgeois society demoralizes people." "The absolute power of money in the U.S.A. arouses one
desire in many people-to make more money." "Wall Street does everything possible to keep Americans from devoting
their free time to meditation and deliberation. Movies, cheap concerts, boxing, parks, horse races, baseball, football,
restaurants-all these are used to divert the masses from the realities around them.” Of course, people who are busy,
intensely celebrating the lives of depraved sports and entertainment figures are nothing more than pawns or cyphers of
the establishment."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 27 - Spy Management Tradecraft
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