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Espionage Manual #31 - Commie Spies, US Traitors
Espionage Manual 31 - Commie Spies, US Traitors
Red Espionage and Leftist Traitors
© 2007
160 pages, 6 chapters
Espionage Manual #31 Commie Spies, US Traitors is an e-book that traces
the traditional relationship of
Soviet or Russian spies and US traitors. There
is a significant minority of
leftist traitors in America at this time that arrogantly
opposes anything that might benefit the American people. The only difference
between them and past
US traitors working with spies is that they are more
openly brazen as
Espionage Manual #31 Commie Spies, US Traitors
reveals.  For decades now,
US traitors have persistently worked against the
best interests of the USA. They have always been aligned with America’s
enemies. For over sixty years they have been aligned with the Soviet/Russians
and Chinese communists. Now they are helping muslim imperialism. As
Espionage Manual #31 Commie Spies, US Traitors points out, the enemy
within the USA has learned that they will not be punished for treason. The
American white and middle class is the whipping boy of the leftist dogs and will
be until they are totally eradicated or the leftists totally eradicate all Euro-
Americans. This is the lesson that is introduced in the e-book,
Manual 31 Commie Spies, US Traitors
Review Table of Contents
“In recent years, much evidence has emerged revealing the nature and behavior of a treacherous domestic elite that
served the best interests of leftist power grabbing from within Western governments. Salient among those revelations is
the fact that from the 1930's onwards, "there were more traitors than anyone imagined," in those western upper classes
who ran western governments and intelligence agencies. Betrayals which flourished during the Cold War, when the left
in every nation favored Soviet communism, has continued into the 21st Century with Muslim terrorist being the latest
leftist allies.
During the Cold War, western traitors invariably shared a common ideology: "...a key message that emerges...is that the
British traitors...like their counterparts in the U.S. and in Canada, were motivated by an unending faith in communism
and the Soviet Union...in whom their faith was never shaken..."
For decades, traitorous establishment scions caused great loss of life and freedom to many innocent people. Yet their
treachery endured relatively unnoticed. During World War II, for example, "...it simply had not been grasped by the
Allied governments that there were Soviet espionage rings in Washington, New York, San Francisco, Ottawa. London,
Shanghai, Tokyo, and elsewhere. It had not been realized that there were cells in the (American) State Department, the
Foreign Office, the OSS (and CIA), and the Canadian Parliament. It had not been understood that these rings were run
with military discipline by trained operatives reporting to Moscow..." “
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 31 - Commie Spies, US Traitors
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