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Espionage Manual #33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
Espionage Manual 33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
Tradecraft Lessons, World War 2
© 2008
139 pages, 19 chapters
Espionage Manual #33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence is an e-book
that, while compact, introduces information about
Czechoslovak Military
Intelligence and World War 2 tradecraft
that will shock the reader. All
current establishment writers and “wishtorians” tell one story about the “victim
nation of
Czechoslovakia in World War II,” but in fact the real story lies
dormant, untold. Quikmaneuvers.com introduces the real story of
Czechoslovakia in World War 2 and the tradecraft and machinations of
Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
. The reader will surprised to learn the
psychological approach of Czechoslovak Military Intelligence and the
profound dependence of
Czechoslovakia in World War 2 upon traitors in
German intelligence (the Abwehr) throughout the war. In addition, the real story
of the murder of Reinhard Herydrich and the assassination by
Military Intelligence
is revealed for the first time.
Review Table of Contents
"Czechoslovak Military Intelligence had secrets ties with German Abwehr traitors before and during World War II. Those
German traitors and saboteurs were part of the rotted traitor’s edifice that existed as German intelligence under the nine
years of ruinous “leadership” of the arch-traitor, Canaris.
In 1935, Admiral Wilhelm Canaris was made chief of Abwehr, German Armed Forces (OKW-Obercommando Der
Wermacht) intelligence. The post was one of the most important posts in the Third Reich. . He served as its chief for the
next nine years until an outraged Hitler fired him in 1943, correctly blaming him for the defection of key German spies to
the Allies, harboring enemy double agents, conspiracies against the nation, and years of conspiratorial treason and
sabotage of the German war effort. (See Quikmaneuvers.com's,
A Rotted Traitor’s Edifice , Espionage Manual 13 -
Achtung Abwehr, Traitors of the Third Reich, and Third Reich Seydlitz Traitors)
Urbane, astute, cunning, spiteful and observant, even in matters that seemed vague and remote, Canaris was a stealthy
lover of adventure, and an aficionado of Mediterranean countries. He spoke Spanish fluently and had a close working
relationship with Spain's Franco whom he warned against allying with Hitler, providing trumped up evidence that
Germany would lose the war. His covert contacts with Czechoslovakian intelligence have never been mentioned before.
For years Canaris devoted himself with utmost secrecy to using the Abwehr to help leftist German Army conspirators
plan and carry out numerous assassination, sabotages and coup attempts against the German government. During his
tenure, Germany had almost no usable intelligence. He was an agent of influence and policy pole burrowed deep within
the Third Reich hierarchy. Canaris served Germany’s enemies and numerous nations like Czechoslovakia benefited
from his position and treason."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual # 33 - Czechoslovak Military Intelligence
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