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Espionage Manual 36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover
Espionage Manual 36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover
GRU Civilian Cover
© 2008
47 pages, 6 chapters
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work as an illegal intelligence
agent; a
spy under cover? Espionage Manual 36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover
is an e-book that focuses upon how one of the best spy agencies in the world
orchestrates cover for its spies.
Espionage Manual 36 - Soviet GRU Spy
also explains the inter-relationship between a cover and a legend, and
several methods for constructing an ironclad
spy cover. The GRU has been
dominating the
world of espionage for over 88 years, and they are quite
successful. The techniques developed by the Russians have been copied from
the best intelligence agencies that ever existed. They are hard to come by, but
QuikManeuvers.com has dug up some of what they use.  If you want to become
well versed in cover, then
Espionage Manual 36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover is
for you.
Review Table of Contents
“A GRU case officer selecting dead drops usually has other persons (a driver, a second case officer) along. If
counterintelligence detains one of them, that foreign agency is exposed to other members of the spy apparatus.
Operational workers often do not adhere strictly enough to security rules, now and then are simply careless, and in
particular do not take steps to avoid betraying whoever is with them. In London, for instance, a case officer engaged
in selecting a site for a dead drop was approached and asked by a counter-intelligence agent of MI-5 what he was
doing. Instead of giving some plausible explanation to allay the man's suspicions and shake him off, he tried to get
away by saying that a car was waiting for him around the corner. Naturally, the counterintelligence agent followed
him to the car where the driver and another case officer were waiting. The MI-5 operative then examined the papers
of the spy’s comrades in crime. Thus counterintelligence learned the names of three of GRU’s officers.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #36 - Soviet GRU Spy Cover
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