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Espionage Manual 39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies
Espionage Manual 39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies
GRU Tradecraft: Swedish Military Spies
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68 pages, 5 chapters
Espionage Manual #39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies is an e-book
Espionage Manual that details the tradecraft utilized by Soviet espionage in two
recruitments of
Swedish military spies, one in the Swedish Air Force and one in the
Swedish Navy.
Espionage Manual #39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies points
out that at the time of the recruitment and handling of the two
Swedish spies, their
recruitment was facilitated by their communist leanings. These leanings of many
Swedish citizens fell farther and farther to the left as the covertly communist
government indoctrinated more and more
Swedish citizens. In current times, Sweden is
a rampageous communist dictatorship attempting to maintain a rapidly eroding disguise
as only a socialist dictatorship.
Espionage Manual #39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish
will introduce the reader not only to Soviet spy tradecraft in detail, but also the
woebegone fate of the
Swedish people who were even then being marched into slavery
because they had insufficient brains to organize any resistance.
Review Table of Contents
"Sweden has not changed much from the time described in the description of Swedish spy recruitment by the Soviets. For
years Sweden has becoming more and more “socialist” or what is known as tax-based communist. Its taxpayers now have
to pony up 79% of their paychecks to the Swedish Socialist Government. Sweden is just like the USA in that regard but
the Swede government far more unfriendly to its own people. For example, the Socialist government of Sweden, jealous of
the fact that Sweden had no domestic minority for the government to protect and use against the people, began importing
thousands of Muslims a decade or more ago. Every Muslim is given automatic citizenship, a free stipend for life, a home
and free medical care, all paid for by the Swedish people whose votes against Muslim privileges are ignored by the
government as “prejudiced.” Sweden’s communist government loves to “protect its minority.” The nation has long been
riddled with swarms of government secret police who can arrest anyone “accused of thought/hate crimes,” without a
warrant and they monitor all telephone, internet and other communications traffic. With each new socialist rip off
(disguised as legislation) of the Swedish people, the Swedish one party government, in a nation that pretends to have
several parties; ramrods horrible laws through before the public can begin rioting against it. They use the same methods
as the Obama administration but they are much more tightly controlling. Like the Obama administration, the Swedish
government hates the fair hair, blue eyes and pink skin of its people."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies
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Espionage Manual 39 - Soviet Handling of Swedish Spies