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Espionage Manual 3 Chinese Communist Espionage
Espionage Manual 3 - Chinese Communist Espionage
Red Chinese Espionage in America
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168 pages; 10 chapters and 2 appendix
During the Clinton administration, when America was ruled by Marxists, the Clintons
mandated the transfer to communist China, masses of American technical expertise
and hundreds of billions of dollars of American taxpayer money. That money, and
Clintonista guidance,
was used to transform Red Chinese espionage into a lethal
threat within America.
Espionage Manual #3 - Chinese Communist Espionage
describes the extent of that threat as well as Chinese spy methods. Oddly,
Chinese spy methods, as the result of the Clinton administration’s assistance,
includes certain ruinous American biases. For example, the Chinese have copied
the CIA methods of creating dummy companies (which they use to steal US industrial
secrets) and the use of the library and the Internet to conduct research, which is an
important aspect of Red Chinese
. Therein lays their vulnerability. Red Chinese espionage is vulnerable to the extent that is depends upon
research methods to gather so-called intelligence. That is why chapter 3 of
Espionage Manual #3 - Chinese
Communist Espionage
, which includes important excerpts from a Chinese espionage manual, is so revealing.
Review Table of Contents
“Most troubling is the existence of an estimated 3,000 Chinese front companies that presently operate within the US
(2006). The main purpose of these pseudo-businesses is to facilitate illegal technology transfers to the Red Chinese
government. The intensifying Chinese effort was targeting a wide expanse of American assets, including defense
research labs and universities
As first detailed in the Cox Report of 1997, the Chinese have created an intricate network of spies that continues to
provide them with a wide range of classified American technology. As the Cox committee stated forebodingly eight
years ago, “The PRC’s (People’s Republic of China) appetite for information and technology appears to be insatiable,
and the energy devoted to the task enormous.” The Chinese do little to hide their desire for advanced technology,
producing intelligence manuals that detail, in exact terms, methods through which agents can procure advanced
technical information from American sources. Recently, this strategy appears to have been honed to a sharp edge.
America’s domestic communists have already come to the aid of Chinese spies. They are charging that investigation of
Chinese spies is racist and that the Chinese, like the muslims, must be immune from any investigation. Brazen
communist Chinese spies actually whine about the racial profiling of Chinese whenever they are caught spying.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #3 - Chinese Communist Espionage
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