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Espionage Manual 41 - What We Learned From Spies: Coping in Communist America
Espionage Manual 41 - What We Learned From Spies
Coping in Communist America
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151 pages, 4 chapters and 3 appendices
Espionage Manual #41 - What We Learned From Spies is a unique
QuikManeuvers.com e-book, nestled in a field of over 600 such e-books.
Espionage Manual #41 - What We Learned From Spies describes
some ideas, synthesized from opaque warnings from a variety of
espionage sources.
The truth of
Espionage Manual #41 - What We Learned From Spies
is embedded in an introduction to the future, not long from now; when a
minority of domestic
communists, afrocentrics and moslems finally and
openly declare the once United States of America as a new red star in
the international
communist pantheon of dim red stars. That domination
will be a dark medieval epoch, as over 280 million indolent, cowardly and timid American pawns allow themselves to be
terrorized into humiliating and final
communist control by a minority of evil, even more ignorant and hate-filled fanatics.
Future historians will agree that the depraved and decadent 'sheeple' mass that once called itself “the free and the brave”
deserve its fate because of their compliance with madness. But what about the facts of living in this ugly new and changed
world of Byzantine multiculturalism led by the evil, lazy
communist controllers? Espionage Manual #41 - What We
Learned From Spies
is merely an important introduction to what is coming, but it includes some chillingly fateful predictions.
Will more information follow?
Review Table of Contents
"In 1999, espionage author Christopher Andrew revealed that Soviet archives smuggled out of the USSR by defector
Vasili Mitrokhin described an unnamed KGB agent of influence recruited from California Democratic Party circles in
the 1970s:
Though [Gus] Hall tended to overstate the influence of undeclared members of the CPUSA within the Democratic
Party, there was at least one to whom the [KGB’s] Centre attached real importance during the 1970s: a Democratic
activist in California one of numerous Democrat VIPs recruited as a KGB agent during a visit to Russia (from 1950
through 2012). The agent, who is not identified by name in the reports noted by Mitrokhin, had a wide circle of
influential contacts in the Democratic Party: among them Governor Jerry Brown of California, Senator Alan Cranston,
Senator Eugene McCarthy, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Abraham Ribicoff, Senator J. William Fulbright and
Congressman John Conyers, Jr. During the 1976 Presidential campaign the agent was able to provide inside
information from within the Carter camp and a profile of Carter himself, which were particularly highly valued by the
Centre since it had so few high-level American sources. Carter was the first of the three modern (late 20th through
early 21st Century) American communist presidents."
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #41 - What We Learned From Spies
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Espionage Manual 41 - What We Learned From Spies: Coping in Communist America