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Espionage Manual 4 - Aspects of Counter Intelligence
Espionage Manual 4 - Aspects of Counter Intelligence
Counter Intelligence Techniques
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101 pages; 4 chapters
Espionage Manual #4 – Aspects of Counter Intelligence, the fourth in the
espionage manual series, is an exciting document offering descriptions of a
variety of
counter intelligence techniques. Of course, the most important role
of counter intelligence
is to locate enemy moles or traitors within friendly
intelligence agencies. However, the methods employed in that subject will be
discussed in a subsequent
espionage manual. Espionage Manual #4 – Aspects
of Counter Intelligence
offers insight into the use of counter intelligence
operations in Latin American environments, the
use of handwriting analysis in
counter intelligence
, and other counter intelligence tools that would be
useful in the war against Muslim imperialism.
Review Table of Contents
“The leaders of an insurgent movement anticipate and counter efforts by established authority to acquire information
about their organization and activities. The success of the Irish revolutionists must be ascribed in large part to the
operational achievements of their security chief Michael Collins, who made it his job to know in advance what the
British were going to do, on what information they based their action, and the identity of their sources. He succeeded
in this by gaining direct, personal access to metropolitan police records. A subject of his protective interest later wrote:
“About a fortnight after my return I received from him, not a copy, but the original of the report from the police of the
districts through which I had passed. . . .”
The fact that such an original document should have come into his hands was an example of the thoroughness with
which Collins worked his intelligence system and enabled the IRA to know what its enemy was thinking and often what
the enemy proposed to do.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #4 – Aspects of Counter Intelligence
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