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Espionage Manual 5 - Spy Interrogation
Espionage Manual 5 - Spy Interrogation
Interrogating Spies and Terrorists
© 2009
122 pages; 7 chapters and 3 appendices
Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation describes techniques that can be used to
interrogate both spies and muslim terrorists. Since muslims emphasize and enjoy
torture to such a great extent (as well as fear torture), several chapters of Espionage
Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation
are devoted to the use of torture in a psychological
. Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation includes sufficient methods of
questioning enemy captives, and most importantly extracting information from them, that
it is a
useful guidebook for professional warriors and intelligence interrogators
. An interesting little-known method used in interrogation, hypnosis, is also
described in
Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation.
Review Table of Contents
“The spy must have already set up, before his capture, a means of informing his family and others dependent upon
him that he has been apprehended. He should have set up some system whereby his sponsors will learn of his arrest
when he disappears, so that they can begin to help him. He should have arranged a simple code for concealing
information in any letters or messages he might be able to send to his family and/or sponsoring agency.
This is a grim subject, and part of the mental preparation, a most important part, consists in accepting and living with
these possibilities of capture and interrogation. An agent conditioned to face such possibilities realistically is likely to
be far more capable and careful than the chance-taker who hopes somehow to get by without self-discipline and
without the intensive preparation that is the only way to success in any clandestine operation. The agent should have
studied enemy security service and interrogation systems operating in his area, and should have prepared himself
against surprise. The agent must prepare and thoroughly rehearse his cover story and his fallback cover story for his
status, action, and associations, and backstop them as far as possible. He will usually be able to get help with this
work from his sponsoring agency.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #5 - Spy Interrogation
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