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Espionage Manual 7 - Active Measures, Soviet Espionage & Subversion
Espionage Manual 7 - Active Measures
Soviet Espionage and Subversion
© 2009
182 pages, 11 chapters and 1 appendix
Espionage Manual # 7 - Active Measures is a book about aspects of soviet
espionage and subversion
that are usually relatively unknown to students of
intelligence warfare or spying.
Espionage Manual # 7 - Active Measures
discusses disinformation, agents of influence, and the powerful influence
of the KGB
in such processes. For most people, obtaining an understanding
of active measures, disinformation, and agents of influence is a
sensational revelation
. The manifestations and related aspects of the actions of
American traitors are revealed every day in the American media. Invariably,
American traitors, whether they are people who are pretending to be patriots who
happen to agree with the enemy, or individuals and groups that predictably side
with the enemy, all share certain characteristics.
They are the witting or
unwitting dupes or tools of active measures or disinformation, or they are
agents of influence who are knowing accomplices of America’s enemies.
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Active measures is a Soviet term referring to offensive subversive operations carried out in a maneuver
context and sanctioned by the Politburo.  Active measures operatives intervene in the internal and foreign affairs of
target nations in order to mislead them about Soviet activities, capabilities and intentions. In addition, active
measures seek to distort target nation decision-making towards the creation of policies, which benefit the Soviet
Union and contradict the best interests of the target state. The aim is to undermine and ultimately destroy all power
that competes with the Soviet Union.
KGB active measures include agents of influence, disinformation, forgeries and covert management of US
The KGB, in addition to conducting espionage, specializes in orchestrating influence operations, covert
propaganda and disinformation. Influence operations insinuate Soviet views into foreign leadership in a non-
attributive manner.  
Agents of influence, traitors who work for the reds, insure that influence operations work as
planned by helping the Soviets from within target nations.
Disinformation, or false information and forgeries, is also disseminated by witting and unwitting agents of
influence in service to Soviet interests. The KGB training academy teaches intelligence agents that the ability to
influence the policy or national decisions of a country is more valuable than stealing its secrets.”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #7 - Active Measures
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