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Espionage Manual 8 - Red Residentura, Spy Net Tradcraft
Espionage Manual 8 - Red Residentura
Soviet Spy Net Tradecraft
© 2006
133 pages, 10 chapters and 2 appendices
When Russian or Soviet agents begin to spy on a foreign country, they first set up a secret
. The residentura is the management system that controls spying. In a
residentura, a soviet spymaster presides over soviet spies who seek to recruit sources of
information within the foreign country. Those sources are carefully selected because they are
privy to information that the Soviet Union/Russia requires.
Espionage Manual # 8 – Soviet
Spy Net Tradecraft
is an important book, because it explains how soviet intelligence
establishes and
maintains spy apparatus in target nations. There is a certain tradecraft that
is related to the
operation of the spy apparatus. That tradecraft includes conspiratorial
guidance related to establishing a plausible cover, an individual spy legend, and a functioning of
spymaster, spy, and source as an integrated and dynamic spy net, or spy
. As far as a spy net is concerned, the spymaster is the residentura.
Review Table of Contents
“This predilection of American intelligence toward open sources, as opposed to networks of spies and undercover
agents, lies at the core of the American doctrine of intelligence. This means that there is no American intelligence
agency. There is only a third rate library research service that uses journalists (called analysts) to write up the
research data and in the process of writing it, slant the material in a leftist direction. Yes over 90% of CIA analysts
are leftist ideologues.
How can CIA intelligence officers pick important developments from the vast encyclopedic data that flow into the
intelligence agency? One of the chiefs of American intelligence, a distinguished professor and noted scholar, once
said: “How can surveillance (of the world scene) assure itself of spotting really the unusual?" wrote he "How can it be
sure of putting the finger on the three things per week out of the thousands it observes and the millions that happen
that are really of potential import? The answer is: procure the services of wise men-and-wise in the subject-and pray
that their mysterious inner selves are of the kind which produces hypothesis of national importance.”
From the point of view of the Russian intelligence doctrine, such an approach is but one step removed from
mysticism and metaphysics. What if the "mysterious inner selves" of the researchers and analysts fail to produce the
right hypotheses? How safe is it, in general, to rely on hypotheses in matters of such profound complexity as world
politics, involving a multiplicity of factors, where nothing is stable, and when enemies of yesterday become friends of
today and together fight their former allies?”
Excerpt from Espionage Manual #8 - Red Residentura
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