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American Intelligence and CIA exposed by leftists and muslims
Exposing American Intelligence
Muslim Report on US Intelligence
© 2007
279 pages; 8 chapters
Exposing American Intelligence is excerpts (with commentary) from an
arrogant muslim propaganda report written by a typically bigoted, racist,
white-hating muslim, utilizing
domestic US leftist traitor sources.
Muhammad Khalil al-Hakaymah is proud of the fact that
muslim intelligence agencies with miniscule budgets easily
outsmart the American CIA that has been in business for nearly
65 years and blows over $14 billion a year. For the uninitiated and
ignorant, al-Hakaymah’s book is an “
idiot’s guide to the CIA.”
Much of it accurately described the
American CIA but it still is a hate-filled smear sheet. Anyone of normal
intelligence who reads
Exposing American Intelligence will gain insight into the depraved and psychotic muslim
mind. In addition, readers of
Exposing American Intelligence will also gain insight into the twisted minds of
American leftists. Leftists and muslims think the same way. Remember, the stuff about the CIA in Exposing
American Intelligence
is true. The stuff attacking the American people is mostly hate-filled leftist/muslim lies.
“The Heritage Foundation was established at a time when the operations inside the CIA and at its margins have decided
to win sympathy from the public for the CIA and its secret operations and for developing a long-range intelligence
strategy. In 1973 and 1974, a number of intelligence officers were forced to resign or they voluntarily resigned in order to
perform this duty. A number of them joined the community of former CIA agents (AFIO) and the Center for Strategic and
International Studies (CSIS) or the Heritage Foundation. Among those agents is David Phillips, the former head of the
Western Hemisphere at the CIA, who established an Intelligence Lobby with which more than 2,000 former intelligence
agents were affiliated. They had been drawn from nine branches of the US Intelligence Services. Ray S. Cline, former
officer at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and a Deputy Director of the CIA between 1962 and 1966, resigned from
his job at the Intelligence and Research Office of the State Department in 1973. The purpose of his resignation was to
hold a leadership position at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which is closely connected to the CIA.
Other agents also left their promising jobs at the CIA to join the camouflaged intelligence research centers. In this way,
the CIA provided huge international contributions within the framework of the efforts made by the Conservative Rightist
Groups aiming at energizing the political powers and the public opinion to support the United States’ trend during the
seventies to practice the maximum limits of a power policy and interference in the affairs of other countries in the world.
With the passage of time, the CIA turned out to be an important academic center for research and analysis and a
sponsor for the expansion of scientific and technological research. Accordingly, hundreds of university professors and
thousands of scientists provided their services to the CIA in one way or another. They were either dependent on the CIA,
influenced by it, or led to it.
The only thing that bothered the CIA was how to use the media inside and outside the United States in order to affect,
direct and manipulate public opinion. Knowing the great effect of the media on the public and desiring to increase the
effect of misleading information, the CIA was seeking and continues to seek to plant its agents in the editorial staffs of
newspapers and publishing houses. In addition to that, the CIA is increasingly involved in buying more newspapers and
publishing houses.
The CIA has numerous relations with intellectual magazines such as “Public Opinion,” “National Commentary” and
“National Interest.” Irving Kristol, the publisher of “National Interest” and one of the leaders of the new rightist thought in
the United States, used to work in the fifties as an editor-in-chief for the monthly magazine “Encounter,” which was
financed by the CIA.
Norman Podhoretz, the editor-in-chief of “Commentary” magazine, which deals in detail with the tactical and strategic
intelligence activities, also receives money from the CIA.
The relations of the CIA with the media do not only concentrate on the opinion magazines, since the studies made during
the seventies about the relations between the CIA and the media had shown that the CIA is the owner or financier of more
than 50 newspapers, magazines, news agencies, radio stations or other types of media.
Since the early fifties, a number of publishing houses published more than 250 books in English that were produced and
financed by the CIA, in addition to more than 1,000 publications in other languages. To carry out the projects, the CIA
had special campaigns to recruit hundreds of journalists, who kept their journalistic jobs, but they became paid agents for
the CIA. At the same time, CIA agents worked as correspondents abroad or as free-lance reporters and editors for the
press organizations owned by the United States. The CIA has never stopped practicing these activities, but, on the
contrary, the CIA intensified these activities. The integration between the media and the Intelligence Services was
planned with the objective of misleading other countries and directing them toward supporting the American policy. This,
at the same time, helps in controlling the domestic and foreign public opinion and directing it toward what the United
States requires.
In the late seventies, rightist groups such as the “Moral Majority” used the principle of possible response (? This Muz is
seriously deranged), which is the black propaganda adopted by the CIA abroad for the purpose of creating an
atmosphere of concern and lack of security among the American people. John Stockwell, the former head of the CIA
mission in Angola, has explained in his book “In Search of Enemies” how the CIA had fabricated news in Angola and
leaked it to the Washington Post and the American television networks.“
Excerpt from Exposing American Intelligence
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