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Fallujah Battles, Iraq - US Marine Corps Defeat
Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Vol. 1
US Marine Corps Defeat in Iraq
© 2006
234 pages; 11 chapters
The American media has no understanding of wars, or the men who fight those wars.
That deficit, along with an anti-military, pro-muslim imperialist prejudice common to
most “
journalists” should be factored into the reading of the constant propaganda
drivel that they spew out. The media’s descriptions of the
battles of Fallujah were as
slanted as usual. However, they did get a few things right. Some news stories
accurately described portions of the
US Marine Corps defeat in the two battles of
. Fallujah Battles, Iraq is an e-book that honestly describes the corrosive
influence in embedded US
journalists. Although Marine Corps NCOs and enlisted
men are excellent military material
, in most cases they are poorly trained and
incompetently led. In fact, the only
bright spots of the battles of Fallujah were
those brought about by
Marine Corps NCOs who performed their tactical
maneuvers in an excellent manner
. Fallujah Battles, Iraq describes what really
happened in
Fallujah. The strange psychology of some US Marine Corps leaders
is contrasted with the warrior heroism exemplified by others. There is no doubt that,
properly supported by tanks and self-propelled artillery, three regiments of marine
infantry could have conquered
Fallujah with minimal casualties. However, the Marine
generals have continued the tradition of not understanding how to use tanks, which
has prevailed since World War II.
A hard corps of strong Marine Corps NCOs
cannot compensate
for a lack of division, regimental, battalion, and company
“Fallujah is a cancer," said Major Gen Richard Natonski, commander of the 1st Marine Division, who would lead any
ground attack. "We can't have a sanctuary for the enemy and expect to make progress.” General Natonski, who the
muslim Nazis condemn as a “Polish Jew”, understands the nature of the enemy that he is fighting. He said he had
received no request from the Iraqi government to carry out military operations in Fallujah, and offered no opinion on
whether a peaceful solution was possible. "I don't know who they're negotiating with."
He made clear that his men were ready for action in Fallujah. "It's a rats' nest, but if we have to go in and clear it out we
will." He urged the foreign elements in Fallujah and those loyal to Saddam Hussein's regime to come out and fight.
"We can take these guys on if they show their faces. Not a problem whatsoever. That's why they've resorted to the tactics
they have [suicide bombings and IEDs] because they know every time we face them we kill them." ”
Excerpt from Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Vol. 1
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US Marine Corps NCOs excellent in battles of Fallujah
There is no doubt that a number of brave marines were killed and wounded in the battles of Fallujah in a wasteful fashion.
Properly led, they would have lost fewer men, and have added to the
glory of the US Marine Corps. Fallujah Battles, Iraq
however, provides strong evidence that the
US Marine Corps reputation was tarnished by the twin defeats at Fallujah.
This e-book is offered with the hope that
US Marine Corps leaders, who are strong and brave, will read this book and
never lose another city fight again.
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