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Fallujah Battles, Iraq - US Marine Corps Defeat
Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Vol. 2
US Marine Corps Defeat in Iraq
© 2006
199 pages; 11 chapters, and 1 appendix
In Fallujah Battles, Iraq, Volume 2, the two battles of Fallujah are deeply
. In addition, the unique psychological and organizational
characteristics of the US Marine Corps
, a light maneuver force with few
, are closely dissected. The reasons why marines don’t understand the
employment of tanks is finally revealed. Although Marine Corps NCOs and
enlisted marine infantry are
excellent military material, in most cases they are
poorly trained and incompetently led. The only bright spots of the
battles of Fallujah
were those brought about by those few
Marine Corps NCOs, warrior leaders, who
tactical assault maneuvers in an excellent manner. Fallujah Battles,
describes what really happened in Fallujah. The strange psychology of some
US Marine Corps leaders is contrasted with the warrior leadership exemplified
by others.
Fallujah Battles, Iraq discusses the fact that among the Marine
generals there is an antiwar peacenik cult that impedes warfighting and
abhors maneuver
. Among marine officers there are too many men wedded to
technology instead of the bitch goddess of war. There is no doubt that, properly
supported by tanks and self-propelled artillery, three regiments of marine
could have conquered Fallujah with minimal casualties. However, the
Marine generals have continued the tradition of not understanding how to use
, which has prevailed since World War II. A hard corps of strong US Marine
Corps NCOs
cannot compensate for a lack of competent Marine generals or a
lack of regimental, battalion, and company leadership.
“Some US military units recently rotated into Iraq left behind in America many tanks and other armored vehicles. The
marines, for instance, initially used only 16 tanks in Iraq out of their inventory of 403. They have also deployed 39 of their
1,057 assault amphibian vehicles (AAVs).  The AAVs provide protection against light small arms but not rocket-propelled
grenades. After many American vehicles were knocked out. The Army and marine generals began assessing whether or
not to rush hundreds more tanks to Iraq, a process that would take weeks. During the past few years, America’s
incompetent generals have covered up their stupidity by blaming everything on Donald Rumsfeld, the best Secretary of
Defense that America has ever known or will ever know. Why has there not been a public outcry about the incompetence
of American generals?
Pentagon officials have acknowledged that $5.97 billion worth of new and modified equipment and weapons is required,
mostly for added troop protection. The list is "unfunded," meaning there's no money in the budget for it, said Rep. Curt
Weldon, R-Pa., a senior member of the House Armed Services Committee.
In the Army, 4th Infantry Division troops who drive five-ton gun trucks in convoys that have been raked by Iraqi fire and
roadside bombs have fitted their trucks with plywood "armor," according to Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California
Republican who heads the House Armed Services Committee. Plywood provides no protection, even against small arms.
Hunter, furious that the Pentagon hasn't been able to provide armor, last week thundered at officers called to account at
a hearing, "You guys can't tie your shoelaces!"
Major General Buford C. Blount, assistant deputy chief of staff for operations, told Hunter last week that, "we must do
better and I think the Army and the leadership of (the Pentagon) is committed to doing that, sir." ”
Excerpt from Fallujah Battles, Iraq - Vol. 2
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US Marine Corps NCOs excellent in battles of Fallujah
There is no doubt that a number of brave marine infantry men were killed and wounded in the battles of Fallujah in a
wasteful fashion. Properly led, by
well-trained marine officers, few marines would have died. A positive victory would have
added to the glory of the
US Marine Corps. Fallujah Battles, Iraq provides strong evidence that the US Marine Corps
reputation was tarnished
by the twin defeats at Fallujah. This e-book is offered with the hope that those proud and few
US Marine Corps warrior leaders
, who are strong and brave Marine officers and Marine Corps NCOs, will read this
book and never lose another city fight again.
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