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Light Infantry Mobile War
Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War
Light Infantry Shock Action
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364 pages; 20 chapters and 7 appendixes
Light infantry's importance to mobile warfare is rarely discussed with any
understanding of the interrelated elements common to
infantry method of
mobile warfare
. Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War is an e-book that ranges
from the negative mobility effects of heavy loads carried by individual infantry,
to the employment of guerrilla warfare methods and the framed battlefield.
Light infantry troops are the modern bushwhackers, the practitioners of
machine gun bushwhack. The organization and use of large light
infantry units in close combat bushwhacking
, from division up to corps
level is also revealed in
Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War. The reader will
discover the various aspects of
mobile war fighting light infantry in
Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War including: guerrilla war fighting methods;
deep penetration; bushwhacking; infiltration; high technology; light
infantry divisions; and how fast-moving hard-striking war should be
Review Table of Contents
”Any light infantry assault should be conducted through covered terrain and preceded by front line and deep
reconnaissance. Prior to the assault, infiltration squads heavily
armed with light machine guns attempt to get behind
the enemy defensive front by infiltration. Forward observer (FO) teams equipped with special lightweight radios, sending
coded burst transmissions, should also infiltrate the enemy front. They should be in direct contact with artillery units that
have covertly advanced into camouflaged positions just behind the friendly start line. Those units will respond to the
infiltrated FOs by firing several barrages before they rapidly displace to avoid enemy counter battery barrages.
Desant commandos, perhaps infiltrated weeks earlier, may strike enemy command posts, block supply routes and
bushwhack enemy tactical or even operational reserves in synchrony with infiltration assaults. They will use land
mines and leap-frog defensive blocks bristling with
machine guns in order to facilitate their own speed of movement.
light infantry attacks, from behind a smoke screen if possible, their forces will be organized into special task
units.  Some
light infantry forces will make feint attacks, some will attack by fire to fix the enemy, and some may conduct
the main effort breakthrough assault against enemy gaps.”
Excerpt from Fast-Moving, Hard-Striking War
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