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FBI Communist Muslimism - FBI’s Infragard Informant System
FBI Communist Muslimism
"Investigator Paul Sperry has reported some disquieting facts about America’s incompetent, politicized and traitorous
FBI. When linguist Sibel Dinez Edmonds arrived for her first day of work at the FBI, a week after the 9-11 attacks, she
expected to find a somber atmosphere. Instead, she observed a big celebration going on throughout FBI
Muslim employees offered her cookies filled with dates from a party bowl set out in the room where other highly paid
Middle Eastern linguists with top-secret security clearances, translate terror-related communications.
Edmonds knew the dessert fest that she was observing is customarily served in the Middle East at weddings, births and
other celebrations, and asked what the happy occasion was. To her shock, she was told that the Arab linguists, with
traitor-sauce dribbling down their jubilant chins, were joyfully celebrating terrorist attacks on America’s Pentagon and
Twin Towers. Right in front of a smiling FBI supervisor, one translator cheered: "It's about time they got a taste of what
they've been giving the Middle East."  FBI muslims were jubilant about the mass murder of Americans by muslim
terrorists. How could such insane treason be carried on within the venerated FBI?
Those Muslim FBI agents were celebrating the murder of over 3,000 American men, women and children by insanely
psychopathic Muslim terrorists. Those Muslim FBI agents, enjoying high paid jobs denied to taxpaying Americans who
are not entitled to affirmative action, were gleefully dancing on the still warm corpses of innocent Americans. Those
murdered souls had paid taxes, which in turn paid for US government jobs, which paid the salaries of the hate-filled
foreign FBI scum brazenly insulting America by celebrating the murder of those innocent citizens."
FBI Communist Muslimism is an e-book that confronts the bizarre behavior of
the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  How can the
FBI, whose salaries are paid for
by US taxpayer money to protect society from
communist muslim terrorists, get
away with supporting the
terrorists against the American majority? To better
protect their self-adopted
muslim terrorist clientele of the notorious CAIR
organization, the
FBI created their massive Soviet-style informant net called
Infragard. Then they set up another called Agrigard. Make no mistake; these
traitors will not hesitate to murder any enemy of the
communist muslims. How can
FBI Communist Muslimism continue to protect lawlessness in its one-agency-war
against white people?
FBI Communist Muslimism is a disease that has gone so
far that the only way to clean up the
FBI is to dismantle it, jail all the traitors therein
and start a new agency.
FBI Communist Muslimism traces the FBI evil that
makes such measures necessary.
FBI’s Infragard Informant System
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175 pages; 17 chapters and 7 appendices
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FBI Communist Muslimism - FBI’s Infragard Informant System