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FBI Counterespionage Failure - Chinese Communist Spies
FBI Counterespionage Failure
“ "Military intelligence collection against the United States is primarily conducted by military attaches assigned to the
Defense Attaché's Office in the Chinese Embassy in Washington and the Military Staff Committee at the United Nations
in New York City," states the 1999 report written by the CIA and FBI.
"For the most part, attaches openly collect information from Western publications as well as from their contacts in
accordance with MID/PLA directives. Nonetheless, since 1987 the FBI and the U.S. Customs service have detected and
interdicted at least two MID/PLA clandestine collection operations in the United States.
"The CIA and FBI also noted that the Second Department's greatest success in America is not through its uniformed
agents and clandestine operatives. The Second has set up business in America.
"During the past 20 years, China has established a notable intelligence capability in the United States through its
commercial presence," states the joint CIA/FBI report. "China's commercial entities play a significant role in its pursuit of
proprietary/trade secret U.S. technology. The vast majority of Chinese commercial entities in the United States are
legitimate companies; however, some are a platform for intelligence collection activities. Although a commercial entity
may not be directly involved in the acquisition of information/technology, it may provide cover for both professional and
non-professional intelligence collectors." ”
FBI counterespionage failure has been a common feature of the
intelligence landscape for over fifty years. The agency has been
unsupervised by the American people for too long. Now
Chinese communist spies are outsmarting the bumbling FBI.
The American public is being fooled because America’s craven leftist
media and Hollywood continues to turn out complete fantasies depicting
FBI as highly competent. It’s all lies. The FBI is not only too politically
correct, too oriented towards police work
rather than counterespionage,
and too incompetent to do its job; the
FBI is also treasonous because it
sides with America’s enemies against the American people. It is a crude
agency that continues to ceaselessly investigate white Christian Americans while mostly ignoring the wholesale chicanery of
Chinese communist and Islamic imperialists. For example, when interrogating white Americans, the FBI threatens to
arrest their family or falsely implicate them in crimes unless the American being interrogated spills his guts. When
interrogating muslims, leftists, or preferential minorities the FBI simply asks questions without any coercion whatsoever.
The gross incompetence, extreme leftist political correctness, and wrong-headed thinking of the FBI is disgustingly
FBI Counterespionage Failure describes how the FBI allowed the Chinese communist to infiltrate and pay
off the US Democrat party.
FBI counterespionage failure then facilitated Chinese communist organization of over
6,000 fake companies and other spy nests within America. The list of
FBI counterespionage failures is nearly
incomprehensive in its scope. The harm that it has done this nation is now irreparable. Are you interested in what is really
happening within the bumbling FBI? Then
FBI Counterespionage Failure is for you.
Chinese Communist Outsmart the Bumbling FBI
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125 pages; 10 chapters and 1 appendix
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Excerpt from FBI Counterespionage Failure
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