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Finnish Front Close Combat - Infantry Combat, Murmansk Front, World War II
Finnish Front Close Combat
Infantry Combat, Murmansk Front
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230 pages; 10 chapters and 2 combat reports
Finnish Front Close Combat is one of the few books available,
perhaps the only one that is devoted to
German infantry combat on
the Murmansk Front
. German infantry, especially mountain infantry
fought a number of bloody battles against the Red Army from 1941-44
Finland’s Murmansk Front. Finnish Front Close Combat
describes several exciting battles along the
Murmansk Front with
close detail regarding
German combat task organization, tactics
and leader procedures
as well as the counter actions of the Soviet
Finnish Front Close Combat even includes two rare
chapters describing
German infantry in close combat against
attacking Finnish forces who stabbed Germany in the back.
Review Table of Contents
“Since they had to traverse many lakes and streams, the Brandenburg sabotage company took light weight boats
and with them as well as outboard motors (boats weighed 50 pounds and motors weighed 20 pounds). In addition, a
detachment of eighteen bloodhounds and watchdogs, as well as six Finnish dog-handlers accompanied the
Every man in the company was armed with a Soviet or Finnish sub-machinegun, and each squad was led by an
experienced German NCO.  An expert Finnish interpreter, who spoke fluent Russian, assisted each NCO. Over sixty
percent of the sabotage company was made up of anticommunist Soviets or former Red Army men. The remainder
of the company was made up of ethnic Germans from southern Tyrol, the Balkans or along the Volga River in
Russia. Three men in each squad were trained demolition specialists, proficient in setting explosive charges.”
Excerpt from Finnish Front Close Combat
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