Is Your Hobby Sports or War?
Breaker McCoy's Fireside Chat
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In the future, America's communist media will initiate a drum
fire of pro-Muslim propaganda designed to formally transform
the USA into a financial support base for Islamic Imperialism.
This turn of events is yet another artifact pointing to the fact
that the USA has, because of sabotage by traitors within,
totally lost the diplomatic war with the Taliban and Islamic
The twin themes of the new media propaganda campaign will
be: (1) reconciliation with Islam by overtly paying financial
support (2) “Bin Laden is dead,” so why not give into Islamic
dominance, world-wide?
Obama has realized that unless he speeds up Islamic
occupation and pacification of America, he will be ousted
before the plan for Islamic dominance comes to fruition.
Charlton Heston recognized the right of freedom
of speech as something to be exercised by
everyone. In a 1997 speech, he deplored the
culture war that he said was being conducted by
a generation of leftist media, educators,
entertainers, and politicians against: “…the God
fearing, law-abiding Caucasian, middle-class
Protestant-or even worse, evangelical Christian,
Midwestern or Southern- or even worse, rural,
apparently straight- or even worse, admitted
heterosexuals, gun-owning- or even worse, NRA-
card-carrying, average working stiff- or even
worse, white male working stiff- because, not only
don’t you count, you are a down-right obstacle to
social progress. (According to the leftists)
(Leftists): Your voice deserves a lower decibel
level, your opinion is less enlightened, your
media success is insignificant, and frankly,
mister, you need to wake up, wise up, and learn
a little something from your new-America and
until you do, would you mind shutting up?”
What happens when someone reveals precisely truthful historic
facts that are so sensational, that some Americans cannot bear to
read those facts? Weirdly, some Americans who do read such
facts immediately exhibit a conditioned knee jerk reflex, claiming
that truths are lies, and they fall back on willful suppression to
smother that painful truth.
Refusing to examine the evidence, some readers even lapse into
extreme denial, refusing to read any history in fear that the edifice
of ugly lies hammered into them by the Marxist media will be blown
away by the breath of freedom. That is the slave behavior
expected of most serfs held captive in any police state. Yet the
truth will stand, even if it must claw itself up out of a mass grave.
Why should a few people sacrifice so that the majority will enjoy
freedom? We care nothing about the idiots who live in a dream
world. We do this so that we will have freedom, the fact that others
benefit is an ironic side effect. Yes, it is best to let those unwilling
to fight for freedom, go down the drain. But they take our families
along with them.
Would you allow someone who frightened you, to pedophile your
kids and beat your innocent wife senseless? Then why do you
tolerate the steady takeover of America by insane, murderous