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Five Dictatorships' Armed Forces
Five Dictatorships’ Armed Forces
“This e-book will enable you to understand the armed forces of each of five subject countries.  You will learn their
mission, organization, and composition of each nation’s military.  After reading this e-book you will be able to identify
most of the major pieces of weaponry and equipment used by the armed forces of each country.  You will be able to
describe Soviet/Russian aid to these countries, as well as aid from other communist countries. If you read the book
several times, you will be able to explain the organization, composition, and mission of the armed forces of China, Cuba,
Syria, Libya, and Angola. Describe the capabilities, limitations, and unique identifying features of weapons and
equipment of the countries listed above. All five nations have several things in common:
 - Their military forces were organized, equipped, trained and supplied by the Soviet Union and CIS for decades,
 - They are bitter and dangerous enemies of the USA.
 - They have received billions of dollars in US taxpayer funds which has enabled them to keep their Soviet/CIS
equipment up to date and become ever stronger enemies of the USA.

The former USSR was supposedly abolished in December 1991.  That country is presently referred to as the
Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).  The CIS includes: Russia, Ukraine, Byelarussia, Kazakistan,
Turkmenistan, and six smaller states.
The motives of the leadership of “the commonwealth” are either totally misunderstood by the leftist bureaucracy that
runs the US government or are fully understood and eagerly, yet covertly supported. The truth in either case is that the
US government helps these enemies maintain strong, dangerous armed forces by illegally conduiting taxpayer dollars to
them. Any reference made to the USSR or Soviets was made before the USSR became the CIS.”
Five Dictatorships’ Armed Forces is an e-book about five foreign armies who have
depended upon Russia for advisors and military equipment for decades.
Dictatorships’ Armed Forces
is also an intelligence report of the type used by the US
Army to provide a succinct discussion of a foreign nation’s military. The armed forces of
China, Cuba, Syria, Libya and Angola are all bitter enemies of the USA, who have also
received billions of dollars in under-the-table handouts from the leftist clique which has
controlled the US government for decades. If you would like to get an idea of what all that
US taxpayer money has purchased for our enemies, then read
Five Dictatorships’
Armed Forces
. The book is copiously illustrated with drawings of dozens of enemy
The Armed Forces of China, Cuba, Syria, Libya and Angola
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203 pages; 3 chapters
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Five Dictatorships' Armed Forces