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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
Soviet Spearhead of Victory
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328 pages; 23 chapters, 1 special report and 1 appendix
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"Forward detachments, the most important of the five types of Soviet Mobile Advance Detachment unit category,
facilitated the scheme of maneuver for a larger force.  They led Operational Mobile Groups (OMGs) just as raiding
detachments operate on the flanks of OMGs. Forward Detachments advanced in front of a main force, preserving its
combat power by deflecting enemy pressure. In addition, Forward Detachments were used to secure or destroy objectives
important to the main force mission.  
Modern Soviet Forward Detachments usually operated as tactical level OMGs functioning to convert tactical success into
operational success through tactical maneuver. The primary method for accomplishing that method was a high speed
advance into the enemy tactical depth (50+ kilometers) with the aim of seizing an advantageous position, vgodnyi rubezh.
Advantageous positions, in a maneuver sense, were situations or terrain features, which facilitate the rapid movement of
the forward detachment's main, or parent, formation."
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Forward Detachment War - Soviet Spearhead of Victory
Forward Detachment War
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Forward Detachment War - Soviet Spearhead of Victory