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Tactics of Free America's Enemies

Political Warfare Newsletter for Free. If you want to known how
anti-American leftists in Congress, the Media, Academia, and the
minorities are working against our freedom daily you should read our
free Political Warfare Newsletter. In our free political warfare
newsletter you will learn about the new feudalism that is trying to
takeover America. This free newsletter will keep you informed without
worrying about the political correctness police or the racist and
political leftist parasites who work day and night to change America
into a total tyranny. See our free Political Warfare (AgitProp) Newsletter.
'Eyes Only' is a free espionage newsletter
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Mar 07 - Robbing Taxpayers - Nation Building

May 07 - Winning Hearts and Minds Scam

Aug 07 - Leftist Students Assault Anti-Illegal Alien Speakers

Sept 07 - Agent of Influence Part 1

Oct 07 - Agent of Influence Part 2

Sept 08 - Soviet Active Measures

Oct 08  - Press Acquiesces to Messiah Obama Stonewalling

Cultural War
May 07 - Black Racism & Cultural Domination

Aug 07 - Cultural Domination of US TV and Movies

Sept 07 - Traitorous Media Part 1

Oct 07 - Internet Companies Help Chinese Repress

Sept 08 - Civil Action

Oct 08 - Barak Hussein Obama: Psychopath

Nov 08 - Obama's Socialism for Dummies

Direct Action
Mar 07 - A Matter of Integrity

May 07 - American Housewife Takes Direct Action

Aug 07 - Squabbles Within the Special Forces Community

Sept 07 - SF Then, Now & Tomorrow

Oct 07 - Terrorist War Mythologies

Sept 08 - Rhodesian Army's Selous Scouts

Oct 08 - MoveOn Subversion of US Special Forces

Eyes Only
Aug 05 - CIA Agents

Apr 06 - CIA’s Ostrichman Backs Down

Oct 06 - CIA Bribes

Feb 07 - Typical CIA Officer

Mar 07 - Easy Way to Create Intelligence Agents

May 07 - FBI Spy Betrays Tracking Device to bin-Laden

Aug 07 - Intelligence Finally Admits that Iran is Fighting the US
in Iraq

Sept 07 - CIA Analysts Penchant for Treason

Oct 07 - CIA Cancer - Intelligence Analysts

Sept 08 - HUMINT Today

Oct 08 - Layered Voice Analysis

Forlorn Hope
Mar 07 - Enemies Honored, Veterans Dishonored

May 07 - QuikManeuvers Digs for the Truth

Aug 07 - Fire the Generals !

Sept 07 - Army Officer Corps Indoctrinated by Islamic Fanatics

Oct 07 - Special Warfare General Scapegoat

Sept 08 - War Maxims of Breaker McCoy

Oct 08 - Simple Soldiers vs Sophisticated Fanatics

The following Investigative Reports have been retired
from further publication

The Sharp End
Aug 05 - Centcom

Apr 06 - Sabotage by Rules of Engagement

Oct 06 - How-To Booklets

Feb 07 - Sniper Units

Aug 05 - TV FBI

Apr 06 - The FBI’s Gestapo Mueller

Oct 06 -  FBI Anti-Terror Fraud

Feb 07 - ROE Commissars

Burning Skyline
Jan 06 - What is Political Psychological Warfare

Apr 06 - State Department Appeasement is Mole Sabotage

Oct 06 - Lawfare Traitors

Feb 07 - Lawfare Gelding the Military

Guerilla Warfare
Jan 06 - What is Guerilla Warfare

Apr 06 - Quadrillage Pacification in a Counter Guerilla Situation

Oct 06 - Backstabbing Senators

Feb 07 - US Army MI vs. Iraqi Guerrillas
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Cultural War
Fighting Societal Deconstruction

Free Cultural Warfare Newsletter. It will shock you with fascinating
information on the domestic cultural-racial war going on today, behind
the scenes in the USA. This Free Cultural Warfare Newsletter (black
racism and the media) will provide you with information which the
media ignores or suppresses.
Get this Free Cultural Warfare Newsletter today.
Direct Action
Unconventional Warfighting

Free Unconventional Warfare Newsletter by experts. This free
newsletter provides periodic information on Direct Action and other
modes of Unconventional Warfare. This free newsletter contains info
you cannot find elsewhere. Free Unconventional Warfare Newsletter
(Direct Action) will provide you with exciting insider information
from the murky world of special warfare.
Eyes Only
Espionage and Counter Espionage

'Eyes Only' is a free espionage newsletter that gives you the inside
poop on America’s intelligence agencies. 'Eyes Only' is more than a
free espionage newsletter, it is also an eye opening expose of the
inner workings of the Incompetent and treasonous CIA, as well as the
DIA and ultra secret HUMINT Agencies. 'Eyes Only' is the only free
Espionage Newsletter that gives the reader free information
that costs him an arm and a leg if purchased elsewhere.
Forlorn Hope
The Bayonets of Conventional War

Free Conventional Warfare Newsletter about the corruption,
incompetence and ideological disloyalty of America’s bureaucratic
generals. This Free Conventional Warfare Newsletter (Forlorn Hope)
will clue you in on the negative effects on military personnel resulting
from bureaucratic generals who seek to transform the armed forces
into nation builders and police units. Delve into the weird mindsets of
US generals as you read revealing facts about their decisions, petty
intrigues and incompetent treasonous behavior.
This Free Conventional Warfare Newsletter tells you why
America’s youth in the US military are Forlorn Hopes.