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French-Algerian War Secrets
French-Algerian War Secrets
General M. Challe Refutes History
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255 pages; 14 chapters and 2 appendixes
Establishment historians and war history writers mostly tell us that the French Army
was beaten in
Algeria and that defeat forced the French out. The e-book
French-Algerian War Secrets directly refutes that propaganda and many other
misperceptions about the
French-Algerian War. America is a totalitarian,
propaganda driven police state in many ways, which is why Americans will not find the
truth about
French Algerian war secrets in any bookstore. That is why
QuikManeuvers.com is providing the real truth about
French Algerian war secrets.
French-Algerian War Secrets the reader will learn just how good the French
were back in the 1950s. They were among the best in the world, but a man
named Degaulle, a backstabber, destroyed their institutions. Read how it all really
happened in
French-Algerian War Secrets.
"Careful investigation is necessary before designating leadership of the inhabitants’ organization and to prevent failures.
Nevertheless, making each member responsible for the designation and control of his immediate subordinates will permit
rapid creation of the organization on a sound foundation.
When for a variety of reasons the ATF (Anti-Terrorist Force) may not be sure of the loyalty of the people, particularly if
the enemy organization previously created is sufficiently strong to force the population to walk carefully, the problem will
be more complex. A group of terrorist-intimidated inhabitants will reject any responsibility that might subject them to
terrorist retaliation.
In that case, the pyramid of the Inhabitants Organization is created from the bottom up by the police forces charged with
maintaining order. Mobile gendarmerie squadrons or military police, with their accustomed police contacts with the
people, will be especially qualified to perform such delicate tasks."
Excerpt from French-Algerian War Secrets
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French-Algerian War Secrets