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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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French Cavalry 1940
French Cavalry Operations
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155 pages; 11 chapters and 4 appendices
French Cavalry 1940 describes, in great detail, the problems and tactical
triumphs of
French Cavalry in 1940. The fact that the French High
Command was confused about the proper organization and employment of
horse cavalry is revealed in French Cavalry 1940. The fact that French
was used only as a delaying, defending force, in spite of the fact that
it had great offensive potential is also described in
French Cavalry 1940.
The French high command was biased against
horse cavalry although the
Russians and other nations later proved that dozens of
horse cavalry
divisions and corps still had a purpose in the modern war of the Eastern
Front. The indifferent leadership and employment of
French Cavalry in
is described with scintillating text, rare photographs, and maps.
Review Table of Contents
"The three French light cavalry divisions were ordered to delay the German troops of Army Group B (including three
Panzer divisions) and to establish contact with the Belgian and Dutch armies in order to allow the allied infantry armies
time to deploy. The French deployed a fast mechanical force, out front, but it lacked proper Flak protection and air
cover. The mission of the French light cavalry divisions was to delay the advancing Germans for several days. Perhaps
that is why the three offensively organized French light cavalry divisions were employed as defensive entities. Although
the French light cavalry divisions were well mechanized and included the powerful Souma tanks, they operated in a
classical horse cavalry, fighting withdrawal, context."
Excerpt from French Cavalry 1940
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