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French Indochina Army Tactics - French Expeditionary Combat Leadership
French Indochina Army Tactics
French Expeditionary Combat Leadership
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237 pages; 16 chapters and 3 appendices
French Indochina Army Tactics is a very unique e-book, and there is
none like it available anywhere in the English-speaking world. The
QuikManeuvers.com team devised and wrote
French Indochina Army
in order to answer the many questions about how French Union
fought in the 1st Indochina War. Limited to ground and river
combat forces,
French Indochina Army Tactics will hold your attention on
every riveting page. In those pages are secrets straight from the mouths of
French Union Forces and Viet Minh leaders alike. That human interest
aspect is merely one ingredient, however, in a mix of professional
warfighting analysis and investigative reporting that will leave the reader
breathless with knowledge.
French Indochina Army Tactics is both a
tactical handbook and a Grimoire of blood, writing in fire and cordite, the
saga on the
French Expeditionary Army in Indochina, 1948-54.
Review Table of Contents
“Thus each winter the Viet Minh undertook offensive operations in the provinces where French forces served only to
protect a few communications centers, to support civil authorities, or to deny the enemy the freedom to subvert the people
without hindrance. As usual, the Viet Minh carried out a series of trap tactics, focused on destroying a string of French
combat outposts and drawing in isolated French battalions to be annihilated by ambush.
The predictable French reaction repertoire to the Viet Minh initiative was to:

But the difficulties that the French encountered in these actions were such that eventually a new tactical concept
emerged; this consisted of the establishment of air supported defensive positions, not for the purpose of supporting
search and clear operations or pursuits, but rather to attract the enemy and invite him to make these the object of his
offensives. The French were trying to set-up and execute their dream of a set-piece battle, a killing ground where napalm,
aerial bombs and artillery would slaughter the “little yellow men” by the thousands. The Viet Minh, aware of every
permutation of the French battle trap tactic, usually had other ideas.”
Excerpt from French Indochina Army Tactics
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  • reinforce some posts to ensure their retention,
  • establish new bases for ground and airborne forces to support their efforts to intercept enemy columns, or
  • interdict their lines of communications and/or
  • cover yet another costly interminable retreat.
French Indochina Army Tactics - French Expeditionary Combat Leadership