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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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French Methodical Battle
How French Doctrine Caused Defeat
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161 pages; 21 chapters and 1 appendix
French Methodical Battle is the only e-book of its type in the
world. In
French Methodical Battle, the reader will learn the details
French Army warfighting doctrine conceived and implemented as
a result of the many failures of the
French Army in WWI (47 major
mutinies), and the huge massacre of so many French men during the
war. The new doctrine,
French Methodical Battle, was another
ill-conceived French blunder of major proportions, as the e-book
French Methodical Battle describes. The reader will also learn yet
another staggering group of facts. How the
French Army influence
on the US Army, from 1914-1941, has continued to cause American
military failures, even through 2010.
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"In formulating their doctrine, the French military winced as it remembered the millions of Frenchmen killed in World
War I because of the French doctrine of relentless attack. Now the French went in the opposite direction, they would
be obsessed with relentless defense. Such a defense would be designed to cause the Germans huge casualties. In
order to cause such casualties the French Army placed the greatest emphasis on the requirement for firepower.
Firepower (explosions and machine gun fire) would cripple the Germans, the French surmised.
This French new preference for firepower came not only from the recognition that the army was not able to carry out a
war of great movement in the beginning of a war but also from the demonstrated efficiency and destructiveness of
such weapons as artillery, bombing land mines and machine guns, demonstrated so graphically during and after the
Great War. Additionally, the reliance on firepower supported the need for the methodical battle, fought offensively
perhaps, but mostly defensively."
Excerpt from French Methodical Battle
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French Methodical Battle - How French Doctrine Caused Defeat
French Methodical Battle - How French Doctrine Caused Defeat