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French Paratroop War, Indochina - The Glory of French Paratroops
French Paratroop War, Indochina
The Glory of French Paratroops
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229 pages; 13 chapters and 3 appendices
There are almost no books available in English about the French
Paratroop War, Indochina
. Now, QuikManeuvers.com has forged a
new path through the thicket of forgotten history and unleashed a
real blockbuster.
French Paratroop War, Indochina is an insightful
description of the adventures, battles, and glories of
in the First Indochina War (1948-54). It is an important
e-book because it describes a large amount of hitherto undiscussed
information about
French paratroop battalions fighting in the
French Indochina War. From stalwart French Army parachute
such as the 6th Colonial Parachute Battalion to the
Foreign Legion Parachute Battalions, French Paratroop
War, Indochina
describes some of the most important events of the
French Paratroop War, Indochina. Readers will find thrills and
surprises as they read about battles and units of the
Paratroop War, Indochina
. At the same time they will be able to
view a part of history that QuikManeuvers.com has recently
wrenched into the glare of public scrutiny.
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"French airborne troops were organized and instructed to carry out "assault landing", that was to say to carve out, with
powerful thrusts, a bridgehead in an enemy area.
Such a mission requires that the units, after splitting up in order to take their places in the transport planes, be able to
reestablish a combat formation on the ground in a few moments. Also, paratroop battalions and batteries were
differentiated from the other bodies of their branch by:

But, once the bridgehead has been conquered, once the jump zone has been marked with ground-lights and then placed
under cover from enemy infantry fire, once the radio connections have been established, the reinforcement of the
airborne troops can be provided by regular ground units."
Excerpt from French Paratroop War, Indochina
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  • The ability to regroup themselves very quickly despite the dispersion which was subsequent to the jump.
  • The possession of weapons and material which was designed not only to be dropped but also to be quickly
    unpacked, reassembled and then transported by vehicle.
  • Training in unforeseen situation (incidents due to the jump, the necessity of facing an unexpected direction
    on the sudden appearance of danger, etc.).
French Paratroop War, Indochina - The Glory of French Paratroops