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Propaganda and Organizational Weapons
French Psychological Warfare: Algeria
Confronting Psychopathic Islam
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130 pages; 4 chapters
In the 1950s the French Army unilaterally created innovative new methods of combating
Muslim terrorism and communism. The French extrapolated an inter-correlative study
of Marxist revolutionary tactics and what the French had learned during the 1st Indochina
War. In the late 1950s French officers began traveling the world teaching other armies
the art of French revolutionary warfare. At last, the reader may understand the
inter-related concepts of parallel hierarchies, propaganda and the organization
. Those three concepts are keys to defeating Muslim terrorism. Most of the
French concepts of the methodology became the basic concepts of American Special
Forces Operations and are still used today. QuikManeuvers historical investigative
reporters have uncovered a rare report written by four French Army officers, which
details the essence of French revolutionary warfare. This book was considered so
valuable by the US Army, that in 1957, it was translated from the French by the Office of
Chief of Staff, Army Intelligence. The methods outlined in this book are among the
to defeating Muslim terrorism
. Now you can read this historical document at a
microcosmic pittance of what it cost American taxpayers (a warning: if you try to find this
document on your own, you are wasting your time).
”After defining, on the one hand, the masses whom he intends to win over and keep, and, on the other, the ideology
which he presents to them, the Communist employs the "techniques" with which he is familiar in order to win the masses
over and control them. Some of these techniques are directed toward physical persons; these deal with the
"organization"; the others, which are psychological, are aimed at the morale. All of these techniques are, of course,
closely linked and inseparable.
Parallel Hierarchies. To the Communists, the "organizational weapon" has the importance of a dogma. They know that
propaganda is not really effective unless it is directed toward organized masses, and they need a docile population in
order to conduct their revolutionary warfare. The system they have adopted is that of "
parallel hierarchies": the
individual is imprisoned in several networks of independent hierarchies. The civil population in the Viet Minh or semi-
controlled region is controlled by a People's politico-military territorial hierarchy which is especially effective and which
extends from the family and the group of houses to the Lien Khu, passing through the village, the delegation, and the
province. This system, however, is still inadequate, so the Viet Minh has created a second hierarchy completely
independent of the first, which divides the population according to other standards. All individuals are grouped in different
associations according to their age, sex, or trade into
parallel hierarchies. The "Lien Viet" (the State association) which
comprises the male and female youth groups, the mothers of families, the farmers, the trade union of the workers and
that of the employees of rubber plantations, the Catholic group and those of the Caodaist resistants and the veterans,
etc. It might also very well include the Flute-Players' Association of the Bicyclists' Association, for it is essential that no
one escape this regimentation and that the territorial hierarchy thus be cross-regimented by a second one which will
exercise surveillance over the first and will be watched by it, and that both of them be kept under external and internal
surveillance by the Department of Public Order and by the Party which has created them. The individual who is caught in
such a fine-meshed net has no chance of preserving his independence.
"It is evident that on one can escape such a fine-meshed net; so we are not surprised to see a son denounce his father
or a woman her husband, as guilty of having given information to a detachment of the forces of law and order or of having
killed a pig to feed the family. They cannot do otherwise. Since informing is obligatory, they become accomplices if they
refrain from such action. So denunciation is inevitable; if an offense has admittedly escaped the vigilance of the person
responsible for the group of houses, or for the defense or economy of the village, or for that of the local representatives
of the Party of the Public Safety organization, it is practically certain that the nerves of a member of the family, of a
neighbor, or perhaps even of themselves, will give way during the weekly self-criticism meeting of the male or female
youth, the employees of rubber plantations, the farmers, or the mothers of families. It is therefore better to denounce the
guilty person and save the rest of the family!
"The system of "
parallel hierarchies" thus places individuals at the mercy of the authorities. It likewise facilitates the use
of "psychological techniques", which are applied much more effectively to homogenous categories of human beings"
Propaganda is thus facilitated by the organizational weapon…but there is more, much more.”
Excerpt from French Psychological Warfare: Algeria
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Parrallel Hierarchies and Muslim Terrorism
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