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German Army vs. Soviet Partisans on the Eastern Front
German Army vs. Soviet Partisans
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General Rommelís Infantry Tactics
General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics
Infantry Platoon and Company Tactics
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143 pages; 23 chapters and 3 appendixes
General Erwin Rommel earned his laurels as leader of the Afrika
Korps in World War II. The Afrika Korps was a panzer corps which
Rommel, the Desert Fox, proved to be a master of for about a year.
Rommel began his march to the pinnacle of military glamour in
World War I as one of the best infantry officers (a Lieutenant at the time)
who served the huge Imperial German Army. After
Rommel won
Germany’s highest decoration in World War I, the Pour Le Merite, he
became a recognized hero. After he wrote his genius warfighting
Infantry Attacks, people began talking about
General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics, although he was not yet above
Colonel in rank. Then, when
Rommel became a general on the eve of World War II, he wrote another book on infantry
which many referred to as "General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics." That is what QuikManeuvers.com calls this fine e-
General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics. It is a basic text for all professional soldiers and history buffs who want to learn
more about
General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics. In General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics, General Rommel uses a
number of
infantry problems, with accompanying sketches, to teach important infantry lessons. Then he details how the
problem should be solved. Thus the reader learns to be a combat leader at the tactical level.
Review Table of Contents
"Purpose: Attacking in the fog. (poor visibility)
Troops: One Rifle Company, reinforced through 1 Heavy Machine Gun. Situation: (Given out on the east edge of 325,
see sketch).
War of maneuver! The first encounter occurs between the eastward returning Blue Force with, its strength, the westerly
advancing enemy standing before them.
On the night of August 22nd-23rd both parties lie in opposition to one another with forward security 1 to 1.5 kilometers in
front. Lined up for attack, silently the Blue Infantry with rifle at arm's reach, is in the clear field less than 100 meters
eastwards of the Forward Combat Posts, they secure the line A-B.
Blue will on August 26th at 0500 hours attack on the entire front.
At daybreak on August 22nd a heavy fog arrives. Vision only from 50 meters to 75 meters. Blue transfers against 0345
hours, and the ready position to the attack in the line of the Forward Combat posts.
At 0415 hours, the 1 HMG meets the reinforced 1st Company on the east hang of 325. The mist billows here and there!
Around in the vicinity and at the Screen troops, some shots fall. The Platoon Leaders are ordered to the Company
Troops: Blood thirsty. Modern equipage. Full complement of ammunition.
I. Section: The Company Commander (Director) gives the verbal order on 324:
1. Enemy Security stands on line C-D. Strong enemy force is to be suspected to the west of this line.
2. Regiment has set itself in the line of our Combat Outposts ready to attack. Attack at 0500 hours in westerly direction
and seize line E-F.
3. First Company in forward line, right of 11th Company, left lays 2nd Company advance forward with the right flank on
this wood corner over the G=Farm on the north edge of J=Village. Compass count 16!
4. Ready yourselves for the attack:
First Platoon front to the right, right flank on this wood corner, 2nd Platoon front to the left. Two hundred meters width per
Platoon. The 1st and 2nd Platoon will each be supported by 1 HMG, Company H.Q., 3rd Platoon and a half of the HMG
Platoon, in second line behind the 1st Platoon.
5. On my sign, you will advance silently. First Platoon has the lead! Third Platoon and half of the HMG Platoon follow at
my command. The 1st Platoon, from 200 meters. Company H.Q. between 1st and 2nd Platoon. Time: 0435 hours.
Review Orders!"
Excerpt from General Rommel’s Infantry Tactics
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General Rommelís Infantry Tactics